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Top Doctors 2021: Saadia I. Mohammed, DDS

Pediatric Dentistry

  • DENTAL SCHOOL: New York University; Orthodonthics Honors Program; Dean’s Research Award; Honors Clinic
  • GENERAL PRACTICE RESIDENCY: Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, FL
  • PEDIATRIC DENTAL SPECIALTY TRAINING: University of Connecticut; Chief Resident; Craniofacial Team
  • PEDIATRIC DENTAL FELLOWSHIP: Pediatric Dentistry, Yale New Haven Hospital; Craniofacial Team Children’s Medical Center, Hartford, Connecticut

Inspired by her father’s encouragement, Dr. Saadia Mohammed found her calling as Boca Raton’s first female board-certified pediatric dentist. For the last 20 years she has been providing compassionate and comprehensive pediatric dental care while banishing the fear most children feel regarding dental visits and procedures.

“My goal in founding Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry was simply to create a better patient experience. My practice focuses on identifying the root cause of tooth decay, the number one chronic childhood disease which afflicts our children today, and restoring balance and harmony of the mouth to nurture happy and healthy smiles for a lifetime,” Dr. Mohammed explains.

“Through nurturing and modeling, along with tools and cutting edge laser technology we have in our toolbox, we are able to calm the fears most children experience going to the dentist. Through my teams’ efforts, we are able to manage 95% of patients without administering any sedation other than nitrous oxide. They walk out smiling without even realizing they have had a bunch of cavities filled,” says Dr. Mohammed.

Dr. Mohammed is also a renowned expert performing the surgical procedure to reverse Ankyloglossia, commonly referred to as a ‘tongue- tie.’ The process, called a frenectomy, removes the connecting tissue, allowing the tongue to move freely, which is imperative for a child’s ability to breastfeed, eat solid food, even sleep and speak.

“I am humbled every time parents let me know how my team has transformed their children’s lives,” she says.

PALM BEACH PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY – Boca Raton, 9250 Glades Road, #212; 561/477-3535

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