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Top Doctors 2024: Rafael C. Cabrera, MD, FACS 

Plastic Surgery

SPECIALTIES: Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery; facial rejuvenation/reconstruction 

UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION: B.A. with Distinction, Cornell University, NY 

MEDICAL TRAINING: New York University School of Medicine 

RESIDENCY AND FELLOWSHIP: General and Plastic Surgery Residencies, Wound Healing and Microsurgery Fellowship, New York University Medical Center, Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery; Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital 

Dr. Rafael Cabrera, a seasoned plastic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience in Boca Raton, embraces a nuanced approach to cosmetic enhancements. In this era of advanced options, invasive surgeries no longer monopolize the pursuit of youthful appearance. Dr. Cabrera stands as a trusted partner, utilizing his extensive tool kit to help individuals choose procedures tailored to their unique anatomic needs. 

Specializing in a spectrum of procedures, Dr. Cabrera offers surgical rejuvenation for the face, neck, eyes, breasts and abdomen. Additionally, he employs a wide range of non-invasive approaches, including neurotoxins and fillers, as well as the Emsculpt Neo to enhance body contour. Tightening muscles and ligaments are often necessary to achieve a youthful contour. Additionally, augmenting and rejuvenating the face with natural tissues like one’s own fat and stem cells offers a long-term solution to facial deflation associated with aging. 

Transparency and safety are paramount in Dr. Cabrera’s practice. His success is rooted in a dedicated commitment to patient well-being, delivering transformative results without conspicuous signs of intervention. The surge in social media has propagated unrealistic beauty standards through digital filters. Dr. Cabrera warns against these illusions, emphasizing the guidance of experienced aesthetic professionals for realistic goals. 

951 N.W. 13th Street, Ste. 4-A 
Boca Raton, FL 33486 

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