Train When, Where You Want with Boca-Based LIVEexercise

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It’s hard to come up with an excuse not to exercise when you have options like Boca Raton-based

The online workout site offers thousands of workouts, including live workouts by local trainers, which you can do at home, in a hotel room—anywhere you have online access with a mobile device, tablet or computer. Robyn Cifuentes, director of operations at LIVEexercise, said LIVE started in 2009. It’s the brainchild of Blake Kassel, who founded Bodylastics, a resistance band company. Kassel, a Boca Raton resident, filmed one show featuring his Chiseled workout with the bands and people asked for more.

“Now we have over 30 types of workouts, from kickboxing, to yoga, to endurance, Cross-Fit style workouts,” Cifuentes says. “Blake does the most popular show on LIVEexercise—it’s a muscle-building show using resistance bands. It’s hard on your muscles, but easy on your joints.”


Local trainers, including my daughter Abbey Hilton, a personal trainer, do the workouts with viewers. Abbey says she likes training people on because it’s more personable. “Viewers see and feel what we’re doing because we’re exercising with them,” she says.

LIVEexercise members pay $9.95 a month to get access to all scheduled live workouts, as well as all the archived training sessions, which last from 10 to 40 minutes. The option is ideal, Cifuentes said, for busy parents who don’t have time to get to the gym; people on a budget; and corporate travelers, who can stay in shape with the workouts while on the road.

What you need depends on what workouts you choose. Some classes require kettlebells, some resistance bands or weights. LIVEexercise has partnered with Dick’s Sporting Goods, so LIVEexercise members who buy fitness gear products from Dick’s get three months of free, Cifuentes said. And there’s a risk-free two week trial for anyone who wants to try the online workouts without purchasing anything.

Cifuentes offers these tips for getting the most out of the online workouts:

  • Become part of the community. Just because you’re not physically in a gym doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the LIVEexercise community.
  • Join the LIVEexercise Facebook group to see what other members are doing. If you say you’ll be at a LIVE workout, the trainer will give you a shout out during the session, she says.
  • Monitor your progress.
  • For a boost of inspiration, take a before picture the first day you start and 30 days later take another to see if you notice changes.