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Train with the founder of L.A.’s hottest workout

Meet the man behind L.A.’s hottest workout – or even better, train with him.

Sebastian Lagree, the founder of the Lagree Fitness Method will be at Core Evolution (4777 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens) on Saturday, Feb. 22. Forty-minute training sessions with Lagree will be offered at 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m. The cost for this event is $50 for those with an unlimited membership to the studio and $60 for all other guests. Register here. (If you save your spot by Feb. 8, you get $5 off!)

Dubbed “pilates on crack,” the method has helped shape the bodies of celebrities like Sophia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman—and even Victoria’s Secret angels. And since the grand opening of Core Evolution in October 2013, we’re one step closer to getting that red-carpet worthy body. The studio is the first and only facility in Palm Beach County to offer the method.

The workout, done on a Megaformer machine, combines strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, core and balance. A 50-minute class at Core Evolution can burn up to 700 calories and work up to 600 muscles at once, according to the studio’s press materials.

We asked Core Evolution owner Marina Perrone, who owns exclusive rights for use of the Megaformer machine in Palm Beach County, to tell Fit Life readers more about the workout and her studio.

BM: Describe a typical 50-minute workout to me. Is it all on the machine?

MP: Yes! Each 50-minute class is based entirely on the Megaformer M3, an incredible machine created by Sebastien Lagree, specifically for the Lagree Method. You will work your entire body by the end of the 50-minute class. The class is broken up into blocks based on muscle groups … There are hundreds of possible moves to be performed on the Megaformer M3, so no two classes are the same.

BM: Seven hundred calories burned in 50 minutes is a lot. I don’t think I burn that much running that long. What’s the secret?

MP: Unlike running, the Lagree Method is a total body workout that works each muscle group to complete fatigue —  apparent throughout the routine, where you will experience muscles quivering. This includes all large group muscles that are the primary calorie burners: legs, back and the entire core which are constantly engaged throughout the routine. Add to this the cardio component that is achieved by the quick transitions and the continued increase in metabolic rate for the next couple hours after class, and you can easily torch 700 calories as a result of your 50-minute workout.

BM: Is there anyone who shouldn’t take this class? For example, people with high blood pressure, couch potatoes, the elderly, etc.?

MP: The Lagree Method is an incredibly challenging workout that is adaptable to most fitness levels. So whether you are a triathlete or determined to change your body or lifestyle, the Lagree Method can work for you. Unlike Pilates, we do not recommend the Lagree Method as the first level of exercise therapy to assist in healing an injury, due to its more challenging nature. While during class, every move is adaptable to individual limitations, we do offer private one-on-ones for those who would feel more comfortable with a fully customized class.

BM: How does this differ from Pilates?

MP: The Lagree Method is a much higher energy workout that incorporates a cardio component not found in Pilates. The Megaformer M3 is designed and the routines sequenced for quick transitions from one complete muscle-fatiguing move to the next. All of this results in a total body strengthening and cardio workout that could not be achieved in Pilates. The Lagree Method, having been derived from Pilates, does retain the safety and health benefits of Pilates that are results of the slow controlled movements, low impact effect on the joints and a continuous focus throughout the workout on core strengthening.

BM: Do people use weights, or is the machine the resistance?

MP: The Megaformer M3 uses a unique spring tension system that is color-coded and allows for incremental tension variations. You will always be guided throughout the class as to how many springs to have on. We also do have a weighted bar that can be used for extra balance while standing on the machine or can be used for arm raises to add an extra challenge to a movement.

BM: Do you have plans to open other such studios south of Palm Beach Gardens? In Boca or Delray, for example?

MP: I definitely have my eyes on opening another location in Boca or Delray. We already have many clients that travel from those areas to come to class. My goal is to share this amazing workout with as many people as possible in Palm Beach County.

For information, call 561/345-4446 or email You can also visit the website at The first class costs $15. Single classes after that are $35, but packaged pricing is available.

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