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The Hottest Trend in Plastic Surgery That No One Is Talking About

Let’s be honest: Childbirth, natural aging, gravity (and did we say childbirth?) can all wreak havoc on your vagina. What was once taut and toned is now a whole lot less put together.

The good news is that today’s woman is independent, confident and not afraid to ask questions about what’s really going on with her body. But even though women are braver than ever before, they might still have trouble talking to their friends about what their vagina looks like as it ages. Many still consider it a taboo topic and are afraid to ask questions about it. They may know there’s a problem with how their vagina looks but not be really sure how to fix it or to ask.

Thankfully, women everywhere are opening up to their plastic surgeons and a female cosmetic surgery called labiaplasty is on the rise to quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in plastic surgery. Here’s why labiaplasty is taking the world by storm and why you should be talking more about it.

Lowdown on Labiaplasty

There are many reasons why you might be unhappy with your current labia. You’ll find that you have two different sections of the vagina known as the labia minora and the labia majora. The latter is the fatty area on the outside around the labia minora. Still can’t find it? It’s the area wear your hair grows.

The labia minora is the tissue area inside the labia majora where you feel the most sensation. Those with problems in the labia minora may find the liplike area feels stretched or pulled. This can be painful and cause embarrassment when you’re wearing certain outfits, bathing suits or while you’re exercising. You might also find that the lip-like area is uneven, causing one lip to stick out without the other.  

Problems with the labia majora could be excessive puffiness or weight gain in the area or a loss of tissue causing sunken or asymmetrical dimples in the skin. These are part of a normal process that occur from aging, heredity and mostly from the stretching and changing that comes with pregnancy and childbirth.

Though normally considered a cosmetic procedure, a labiaplasty can help improve the way sex feels and take care of any pain you may be having during intercourse or during normal everyday activities.

Dr. Ennis Discusses Labiaplasty Surgery Overview

Easy Fix, Easy Recovery

Labiaplasty is a routine surgery that has great results and little downtime. Your surgeon will choose from two techniques for your labia minora surgery.

  1. The trim procedure cuts a linear incision to remove excess skin and make the labia minora symmetrical. The trim method is more common among GYN surgeons but unfortunately is not the preferred method for most plastic surgeons as it can alter the sensation in the area and distorts the natural look of the vagina.
  2. The more common procedure is known as the posterior wedge and uses a V-cut incision where the redundant posterior portion of the labia that has little sensation is removed to contour the labia. During the wedge procedure, there’s much less chance that you’ll lose the sensation of your labia, which is an important element to your sex life.

Both of these surgeries can be performed in conjunction with a hood surgery to expose the clitoris and make sex and orgasms better. As an additional procedure, the labia majora surgery can be performed using fat transfer, augmentation or liposuction depending on your exact needs.

Recovery time for labiaplasty is fantastic. Though you’ll want to avoid bicycling and exercising for a few weeks while you heal, you’ll be able to return to work in three to four days on average. You will want to abstain from sexual activity for about six weeks while the area heals. Once any swelling goes down, you and your partner will love the results.  Most patients can return to office work in three to five days.

Dr. Ennis Discusses Labiaplasty Recovery

Ongoing Support  

When it comes to intimate areas of the body, you want a team that understands your needs and a team that you can trust. Dr. L. Scott Ennis at Ennis Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton knows that it’s important to give you the trimmed look you want without losing the sensation in the area. Dr. Ennis is highly-renowned and has been named one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, one of the Ten Best plastic Surgeons in Florida based on patient reviews and Realself’s Top 100 cosmetic surgeons in the Country. Dr. Ennis and the Ennis Plastic Surgery team are ready to listen to any questions you might have about your labiaplasty procedure.


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