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Try It You’ll Like It: 5 Work Outs in Boca Raton

Finding the perfect workout routine is like dating. Or Goldilocks finding the right porridge. The endless search for the perfect jeans.

You know what I mean.

There’s lots of factors: Are you a morning or evening person? Slow and steady or cardio? For me, workouts have to be done after work since I’m not 100 percent awake until around 11 a.m., and I prefer activities over just lifting things and running. Let me chase after a ball, work on a pose, or hit something and I’m happy.

While there are no shortage of gyms or workout regimes in Boca Raton (it’s seems like a new place is opening every week), I went ahead and tried out five gyms with five very different workouts.

Which one is more up your alley?

Club Pilates Mizner Park

Club Pilates

No, the machines in this studio are not medieval torture devices, they’re called reformers and they’re pretty freakin’ cool. Invented by Joseph Pilates, the exercise utilizes the machine, different positions, eights and other tools for a complete work-out that hones your strength, flexibility and balance. There’s four levels and already a dozen one-hour classes per day! Just have a chat with one of the trainers about your experience with Pilates and exercise in general, and they’ll help you find the one that’s best suited for you. Plus, your first intro class is free. 190 E. Boca Raton Road in Boca Raton, 561/826-4284; clubpilates.com

Pound Fitness

Pound Fitness (Photo by Sweet Memories Photo)

Perhaps one of the most unique workouts you’ll be reading about today, a Pound class is a great way to mix up your week’s exercises. With weighted “drumsticks,” also known as Ripstix, you’ll hit the sticks together, pound the ground and dance to the up-beat track list. If some moves are too difficult for your knees or you’re just not that flexible (yet!), the instructor offers modified versions of their routines. Classes are on Wednesdays (with our very own Michelle Olson-Rogers!) and Saturdays. 2400 NW Boca Raton Blvd. #12 in Boca Raton; 561/395-6111; organicmovements.com



The names come from the number of minutes this workout is: just 45! With different stations, you and your fellow workout buddies will rotate through them. If you get lost, just look ahead at the TV screen where you can see a video of how to do the exercise. Each day of the week is a themed workout—cardio, resistance etc—so you can choose your days based on your fitness goals and what you like. Use a heart-rate monitor to track your heart rate throughout the work out and see how many calories you can burn. 1101 Federal Highway in Boca Raton; 561/931-8506; f45training.com/bocaraton

9 Round

9 Round

This gym can fit the schedules of even the busiest people—just 30 minutes, and you can start whenever you want. That’s right, there’s nine stations (hence the name) with rotations every three minutes, so once you arrive, just jump into the first boxing station and start your workout. With multiple trainers working shifts, they’ll guide you through each workout (each focuses on different goals, such as cardio, strength and agility). If you use the heart rate monitor, you can track your progress under your boxer name and get a report emailed to you after every workout. 1200 Yamato Road B-1 in Boca Raton; 561/419-7003; 9round.com/fitness/bocaraton-fl-x8735

Enerzy Exchange Yoga

Enerzy Exchange Yoga

Just one glance at the schedule and it’s clear there’s something for everybody at this yoga studio. From relaxing Yin yoga to intense hot vinyasa and HIIT classes, beginners to advanced yogis can find the class that works from them. The studio includes intimate practice rooms, with classes offered at room-temperature or hot (up to 104 degrees), depending on your comfort level. One of the best perks is that there’s a full locker room—including showers! So if you want to go in before work or sneak in a practice during your lunch hour, you’ll be able to stroll into the office nice and squeaky clean. 6919 SW 18th St. Suite 103, Boca Raton; 561/617-1801; yogaenerzyexchange.com

Christiana Lilly
Christiana Lilly
Christiana Lilly is the former web editor at Boca magazine, where she enjoyed battling with web coding and community reporting—the more off beat, the better. An award-winning journalist, she is the president of the Society of Professional Journalists Florida chapter and a proud graduate of the University of Florida.

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