‘Twas the Week Before Christmas, and All Through Boca Raton…


‘Twas the week before Christmas (and Hanukkah) and all through Boca Raton, every local mom was multitasking, shopping on her phone. The calendar was packed with events every night and our designer jeans were starting to feel tight. Creating holiday magic is a lot to take on! But that’s what we do, after all we’re Boca moms.

They say we’re supposed to “savor the moments” with our kids, big and small. But that’s easier said than done when you’re decking the halls. We parents have a never ending list this time of year. And side note, while I’m at it, can it please get cooler down here? Parades and light shows are way more fun when temps are below 75. But with a car seat and stroller, maybe I’ll opt for a scenic drive… 

Boca moms don’t have time to run errands all day. But before braving the mall, please pass the chardonnay. Because an annual photo with Santa is a must! I even make sure the big guy on duty is the one that we trust. Did you know you can make online appointments these days? Yep, living in Boca Raton really pays.

Now don’t forget teacher gifts and class parties galore! And why is moving that elf such a chore? Add holiday pageants, choral concerts and menorah lightings to your plate. It’s no wonder you’ve booked your trusty therapist for a date.

Sure, December’s supposedly the most wonderful time of year! But don’t be too hard on yourself, mama, if you shed a tear. We’re all doing our best to make special memories for the fam. (Wait!!! Don’t forget to order the Christmas ham!) 

Keep breathing and remember to give yourself grace. Even if you’re coping by stuffing your face. Because our kids won’t remember the gifts that they got. They’ll recall that mom and dad loved them a lot. Enjoy your children this season and remember to hold them tight. Happy Holidays Boca Raton and to all a good night!