Thursday, May 23, 2024

Two generations of women take the LUSH test

Marie: So we get lots of beauty products at our offices and we actually try many of them out. Since I am old enough to be almost everyone’s mother, I always have dibs on the anti-aging stuff (it’s only fair) but the other day we got a box I has asked for, from LUSH. I had seen the line in the PGA Macy’s and sampled it, and I never forgot how it made my skin feel. I asked Kathleen, one of the art directors (and a pipsqueak) to try it out too, so we could weigh in on this from a generational perspective.

Here’s my take: This stuff is all-natural-fresh herbs and oils and almonds, seaweed, aloe vera, kaolin-you name it-but it really feels and smells and acts like something some counter-culture beauty guru made up in her kitchen. There is no slick packaging, the product tends to get mushy and fall apart, and there is no easy dispenser. The messy part I could do without, but I love how this line of creams and scrubs makes my skin feel. And how they smell. The “Angels on Bareskin” (exfoliating ground almonds, rose, lavender and cleansing kaolin) left my face smooth and creamy. Jennifer Lopez-like. Better than a baby’s butt. Ditto the Herbalism cleanser for the shower.

To me, this is real luxury: everything natural, earthy, real. Downside? Messy, tends to run out too fast.

Kathleen: As someone who has been plagued with problem skin for the last decade of my life I am more than skeptical when it comes to new cleansers or facial products. I was surprised when Marie convinced me to put this green, mushy, mud-like substance on my face, but I was thrilled with the end result. The Herbalism cleanser made for oily or problem skin consists of extract of nettle, rosemary and rice vinegar. It is one of the best facial cleanser/scrubs I have ever used. It is gentle enough not to irritate your face, yet rough enough to get the job done. It smells like something out of an organic garden and is truly a refreshing treat.

The second product I sampled was called “Dark Angels” a black charcoal- based “tough facial cleanser.” In washing the cleanser from my face, my sink looked like a Woodstock mud- bathing hippie had just taken her first bath in weeks! But again, I was happy with the end result; my skin felt cool and clean, with sweet natural smells!

I agree with the downfalls of the packaging and messy application. The packaging is almost an eyesore in my shower next to all the more “commercial” beautiful bottles. The nice thing is that LUSH isn’t hiding anything with its plastic cases- unlike most products in my shower, with all their fillers and sodium and Lord knows what else. I have passed by LUSH in Macy’s more times than I can remember, but next time I will not do a drive by. My biggest complaint: I need more!

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