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Web Extra: Case of the Mondays? Visit Game Night at Crazy Uncle Mike’s

It was a sleepy Monday in January when we visited Crazy Uncle Mike’s for its biweekly Game Night—one of the regular attractions at this jovial and mischievous nightlife spot featured in our February issue (“Boca After Dark”). Owing to a nippy breeze just after 7 p.m., the normally bustling outdoor patio was empty, the ping-pong table and cornhole boards remaining unoccupied for the night.

Inside, the bar slots were taken but most of the tables were ours for the picking, and—aside from a couple of ladies playing Scrabble at the bar—all of the board games were available too. A curated variety of tabletop games from naughty to nice and from vintage to contemporary waited on a table near the restrooms. This included the whimsically un-P.C. Cards Against Humanity and two of its booster decks; a Simpsons variation on Clue; and more than one game catering to foodies, which is appropriate given Crazy Uncle Mike’s dedication to serving elevated gastropub fare.

Our party of three opted for Trivial Pursuit’s newest edition, “Decades: 2010-2020” while partaking of the restaurant’s all-day happy hour specials, a perk during Game Night. The evening’s attendance never picked up—I’ve hosted much livelier game nights in our home—and even if certain visitors showed up to enjoy the Wii gaming options that are supposed to be available as well, the console wasn’t set up in its usual spot by the stage, owing to a controller-battery issue. There was also no promised “Pop Shot Basketball” that I could find, though again, there probably wasn’t enough of an audience for it.

Board game selection at Crazy Uncle Mike’s

But it was a fun and carefree night on the town anyway, and with all of the must-attend events and plays and movies and art openings I’ve had to soberly cover recently, it proved a welcome relief. The Trivial Pursuit game was an endless Mobius Strip of useless knowledge; I’m clearly too old for its demographic, so even though it celebrates a decade I just lived through, I was hardly paying attention to video game trends, YouTube stars and TikTok memes to be able to fill my pie. Three hours after we started, we were still shuffling our plastic spheres around the board. At the risk of still rolling during last call, we finally called the match for my wife, still short one piece of pink pie but far closer than the rest of us.

Perhaps some Game Nights (the next one is Feb. 6) are busier than others. I would have enjoyed meeting strangers for a great party game. But with two beers, a cocktail, a happy hour appetizer and an entrée salad all for about $40 before tip, the night provided plenty of laughs without breaking the bank. And with the hiked-up prices of today’s restaurant-scape, that’s a crazy-good deal.

Crazy Uncle Mike’s is open seven says a week at 6450 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton. Call 561/931-2889 or visit

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