Catherine Tunney and Stuart Pollack

Catherine Tunney and Stuart Pollack met on a rainy night, 11 years ago. They’ve been together ever since. Both Tunney and Pollack told us how they remembered the night they first met.

Stuart: “It was a rainy August night, a Wednesday. After hanging out with friends, I decided to stop and have a drink at Addison’s. It was raining and they had valet parking, so it was easy to get in and out. I walked in and the place was practically deserted. It certainly wasn’t a singles’ scene.

There were two women in the corner of the bar, a brunette and a blonde, and for all I could tell they were either [already] married or just having a drink. They didn’t pay much attention to anybody, they were heavily engrossed in conversation.

I ordered a drink and I sat there. And then I noticed another man, sitting nearer to them, went over and started talking to them. And with that, the brunette beckoned to me with her finger, like come over here.  So I walked over and we started to talk, one thing led to another and she gave me her number and I called.”

Catherine: “We start with the same wet night on a Wednesday and I was meeting an acquaintance. She picked [Addison’s] and I went after work. I go running in and it’s pouring rain, and it’s only me and the bartender. Nobody else was in this place. I even remember his name because of that, his name was John.

About ten minutes later, the woman arrived. We were sitting there, very engrossed talking, and [Stuart] came in and sat down. Then this other guy came in and started chatting with us. I looked over at Stuart and kind of beckoned him with my finger to come over here. He looked looked at me, like “Who me?” And I said, “Yes, you”.

That’s how we met. It was very cute. It was like it was meant to be because it certainly was a crazy night out.


Pam Lawrie

“I was only 16 years old, dating my now ex-husband, who was 20, and this was back in the 60s when, you know, you parked the car. So we were parked and he goes, ‘Oh, let me love you.’ And I was thinking, ‘Oh, that’s so sweet!’ but he was ripping off his clothes! I screamed and he put his clothes right back on!”


Jessica Cleary

“One of my closest friends at school had been telling me to go on a date with this guy forever. I look at him on Facebook. He’s tall, he’s successful, he’s attractive, he’s close with his family, he has all of these check marks. I’m thinking, ‘You’re amazing!’ So finally I tell my girlfriend to set it up.

The first time we meet we go on a double date. We had an amazing night the first night.

But the second date is when trouble began. He lives in Miami, it’s raining and I drive down to see him. Prior to that I tell him, I e-mailed him, I call him, I put it in skywriting to say, ‘We have to go out tonight. If we do not go out tonight, I will fall asleep and will think you’re super lame. We have to go out tonight. We have to.’
But he has other plans. I get to his place relatively early and football was on, so I did not matter one bit. I think that is fine when you are like 87 years old, married, and have no teeth, but on a second date you do not ignore the girl.

He says wants to stay in because his favorite football team is playing. And stupidly, probably because I was hungry, I agree. We decide on pasta. He fills a pot with water and then sits back down in front of the TV. I am now rummaging through his kitchen cooking the dinner and making myself a drink, at which point he asks me if I could make him a drink.

I said, ‘Do you treat all girls like this? Does this work for you?’

We were not going to happen. It was horrendous.”