Web Xtra: Boca Talks Tinder


The highly-rated dating app—Tinder—has grown to include a cool 30 million people who belong (emotionally, socially and electronically) to its network. The age group is unsurprising, with about 53 percent of its users between ages 18 and 24—still impressive considering that, in the early days of the app, it was reported that 90 percent of the users were in that age demographic.

Boca magazine asked local singles (all fell between ages 24 to 34; we refer to them by first name only) to weigh in on what the app actually does for users—and whether or not it’s a serious way to find love.


• “I have very mixed feelings about it, “ says Victoria, from west Boca. “For serial daters or people who are looking for a one night stand, it’s kind of the end all be all of dating apps.”

• “I’ve done some cruising on Tinder,” Andy says. “It’s a lot of lonely people who don’t know what they want or what to do with themselves. I’ve met a few friends on there. Hooked up with one person. It’s not recommended for ‘serious’ dating though.”

• “Tinder is just straight up for hookups; they give you 255 characters and six photos to get a sense of someone’s personality,” says Ricky, a Boca native. “I feel that is completely unfair. Unless you are ridiculously good looking, it’s just a waste of time, even after you match, you have to be witty and funny, and it’s all about hookups and not strong connections.”

• “Many, many guys I’ve chatted with only were interested in meeting for hooking up or sex,” says Liz. “Because it’s a free app, the caliber and quality of men is significantly lower than on sites you have to pay for.” 

• “When you think about it, you really just have to be lucky,” says Phil, from Delray. “You swipe to like someone or many people, hope they like you and then hope you have enough in common to keep the conversation going. Still, it’s much easier than meeting someone on Facebook, or in person.”