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Web Xtra: Needle and the Damage Done

How to Get Help

There’s no single clearinghouse of information for addicts looking to get clean or family members hoping to help them. Instead, it’s about gathering information from trusted sources to figure out what’s next. Begin here:

* Throughout South Florida, the information phone line 211 offers information on local treatment centers, detox facilities, and halfway houses. It can be a trove of information on everything from the first steps to what to do after detox.

* Hundreds, if not thousands of treatment centers have popped up in South Florida in just the last decade. Delray Beach alone has been called the “recovery capital of the world” for its reported 5,000 people in 300 group meetings a week. Finding the right one is often about research and referrals, experts say, and balancing how much comfort recovery ought to include.

* Insurance often contributes to drug treatment services, but for those without coverage, the state offers help. Florida’s efforts are contracted out to private companies: in Broward County, it’s Broward Behavioral Health Coalition, 877/698-7794; and in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee, and Indian River counties, it’s the Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network Inc., 561/203-2485.

—Eric Barton

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