Chocolate Volcano Tort

Recipe courtesy of chef Anthony Pizzo, Cut 432 and Park Tavern, Delray Beach 

6 ounces Valrhona bittersweet chocolate

5 1/2 ounces Plugra or other European-style butter

3 large eggs

3 egg yolks

3 ounces superfine sugar

5 tablespoons flour, sifted

1 quart huckleberries or raspberries

3 tablespoon water

2 tablespoon sugar

1 vanilla bean

Peel of 1/4 orange

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Butter and flour four 6-ounce ring molds.

For huckleberry sauce: Heat water and sugar in small pot until sugar is melted and mixture thickens slightly. Add huckleberries or raspberries, vanilla bean and orange peel. Cook until berries break down but still have some texture. Remove from heat and reserve.

For tort: Melt chocolate and butter in double-boiler. Cool slightly. In mixer, beat eggs, egg yolks and sugar until pale and in thick ribbons, about 10 minutes. Reduce speed and gradually add in the flour. Add the melted chocolate-butter and beat until thick and glossy, about 5 minutes.


Preparation: Pour mixture into ring molds and place in oven. Bake until set around the edges but still moving in the center, about 12 minutes. Remove from oven and cook slightly. Run knife around the edge of the molds to release torts. Spoon huckleberry sauce on plate and place tort in the center. Serves 4.