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Weekend Events Roundup Aug. 20 to 22


The terms “Evil Dead” and “The Musical” don’t go together at all, which is why I’m so excited to see what Davie’s Promethean Theatre is going to do with its latest off-kilter cult romp, “Evil Dead: The Musical.” Based on Sam Raimi’s debut 1983 film “The Evil Dead” and its two hit sequels, the play is about five college students who become demons after unleashing an evil force in a remote cabin locale – complete with song and dance, of course.

The Promethean, an edgy 80-seat playhouse nestled in the unassuming confines of Nova Southeastern University, has been down this road before, successfully staging another great juxtaposition of a title, “Cannibal! The Musical,” last year. The difference is that “Cannibal,” in its original movie form, was already a musical, providing a translatable template. This time, the songs are newly added, and fans of the movies will either be delighted or alienated. Theatergoers who don’t know the movies will probably wonder what in God’s name they’re watching—an experience I, for one, envy. Tickets are $25 general admission and $15 students.


Tired of the same old stand-up comedy schtick of some hacky humorist spouting eye-rolling ethnic or relationship jokes that pander to the lowest common denominator? Then, by all means, catch Demetri Martin Friday night at the Fillmore Miami Beach, where the laughs are accompanied by plenty of head-scratching. The cerebral former “Daily Show” correspondent and host of Comedy Central’s “Important Things” is an expert on youth culture, but his comic stylings can stretch as far back to Groucho Marx-esque paraprosdokians (look it up: it’s a fun word). He uses props and video projection in the most un-cheesy way and often making his audience wait patiently through elaborate build-ups. Martin is a hip, subversive antidote to tired stand-up tradition. Tickets are $47.95, and the show begins at 8.


Apparently, there is an “art” to living, and there are six keys to mastering this art as “Evaluate Yourself,” “Gather Your Soul Mates” and “Seek More Spiritual Strength.” So says self-help psychic and radio host Jeffrey A. Wands, who will speak and sign copies of his new book “Knock and the Door Will Open: Six Keys to Mastering the Art of Living” at 2 p.m. Saturday at Barnes & Noble in Boca Raton. I’m not sure how exciting or original Wands’ door-opening metaphor is, but sometimes this kind of simple symbolism is repeated for good reason: because it works. For information, call 561/750-2134.

John Thomason
John Thomason
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