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What Makes Verlo Mattress Different and Why You Should Try It

Countless things have changed since the late 1950s, some things, however, have remained exactly the same. Over 60 years ago, when Verlo Mattress was founded, the founders made a promise to their customers. This promise still applies today and is one of the core values of the company: Create a quality mattress with long-lasting craftsmanship, unbeatable value, and personalized comfort. Not only is every single mattress at Verlo American-made, but more impressive is that Verlo Mattresses are locally crafted! Meaning that your mattress is made right here in your local Verlo Store in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Verlo Mattress is committed to ensuring each customer receives a great night’s sleep. Every person has a unique set of sleep and comfort needs. With Verlo, your mattress is tailored to your sleeping habits and comfort preferences. They offer a wide selection of vCollection mattress models for different sleepers, and Verlo will customize the comfort setting of your mattress to your precise preferences. 

Direct-to-Consumer Pricing 

Verlo’s local mattress factories help their guests to steer clear of middleman markups. They sell their mattresses at direct-to-consumer prices, giving customers a premium mattress at an unbeatable price. Why settle for an off-the-shelf mattress when you can have one made specifically to your needs at factory direct pricing. 

High-Quality Craftsmanship 

Verlo Mattress does not compromise the quality, construction, or craftsmanship of the mattresses. That’s why they back their mattresses with industry-leading warranties and offer a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. 

Personalized Comfort 

They don’t manufacture mattresses ahead of time. Instead, each mattress is made to order, personalized to the clients’ exact preferences. 

Customized Mattresses 

At Verlo, they can also make custom-size mattresses for boats, RVs, trucks, antique beds, water bed frames, European sizes, and more! Experience the comfort of a Verlo Mattress, as customers can even visit their local Verlo Store to see the mattress factory in action and watch their mattress being built. 

Verlo Mattress of Boca Raton is incredibly proud to be a part of this legacy, where the main priority is the comfort of the client. One of the reasons that drove Martin Ghambaryan, one of the co-owners of Verlo Mattress Boca Raton, to open a store locally was trying to find the perfect mattress for himself and his family. After searching for one and not being able to find what works for him, Ghambaryan did more research and found that this was a very common problem. When it comes to sleep, everyone is different, and that is why cookie-cutter mattresses don’t work. Verlo Mattress customizes each mattress according to the clients’ preferences and needs. If a mattress feels too firm or soft they will adjust it. They will perform their exclusive Comfort Adjustment service even if there’s nothing technically wrong with the mattress. All that matters is the comfort and how it feels to the customer. And, they will continue to adjust it for the lifetime of the mattress – that is the Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. 


Visit your local Verlo Mattress showroom to test rest the mattress that is right for you. Comfort Coaches will suggest the vCollection models that are the best fit for your needs. They are experts in finding the best mattress for body type, sleeping style, and comfort preferences all within your budget. When you visit their showroom, their Comfort Coaches will provide expert advice on a wide range of models and personalize your comfort to your exact preference. Prioritize your comfort and a good night’s sleep – you deserve it. 

6600 W. Rogers Cir. Suite 14, Boca Raton, FL 33487; 561-562-9119; verlo.com

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