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Whiskey Business: Blind Taste Test at Vom Fass Boca

Pictured above: Daniella Alterio and Oscar Martin. Photo by Aaron Bristol. Video by David Shuff. 

For spirit enthusiasts, Vom Fass in Mizner Park is one of Boca’s hidden gems. One side of the store shelves colorful grappas, liqueurs and rums, while the opposite wall holds direct-from-cask whiskeys, bourbons and Scotch. Unlike competitors, everything is made in limited batches from international, small-family private cellars, solely for the Boca store.

Owners Daniella Alterio, her husband, Oscar Martin, and her mother, Laura Zecchini, opened the store two years ago, next to The Dubliner. Martin says Vom Fass is a great opportunity to “bring in unique” selections for everyone, especially during the holidays.

“Every palate is different,” he says. “It’s unpredictable.”

Much of the supply is “small-batch European whiskeys,” Martin says. Vom Fass works directly with the Teeling brothers of Teeling Whiskey Distillery in Dublin; one Teeling has personally visited the store. Alterio says there’s a 14-year-old Spanish whisky that has been flying off the shelf since it came in, and there’s a new Indian whiskey, too. American bourbons and whiskeys are produced in Madison, Wisconsin, and of course, the single-malt Scotch comes from high-end producers in Scotland.Once something runs out, it’s gone for good.

If whiskey, Scotch or bourbon is a staple at your next holiday party, stop by Vom Fass and pick up something special. Alterio and Martin recommend the following:

AMERICAN: Bourbon Whiskey: a blend of American whiskey and Kentucky bourbon combined at the Yahara Bay Distillery in Madison, Wisconsin.

IRISH SINGLE MALT WHISKEY: Brothers in Arms: Malt whiskey aged in both sherry and bourbon casks is blended; caramel, toffee and nutty notes; spicy, lingering finish.

SCOTCH, BLENDED: The Gentleman: aged 35 years in oak; blends the best of single-grain and single-malt Scotch whiskys.

SCOTCH, SINGLE-MALT: Isle of Jura: Aged eight years in oak; nutty, smoky and salty with hints of bacon.

SPANISH: Single Malt Whisky: American oak cask; long finish; beautiful amber shade. Serve drinks neat, on the rocks, or in a delicious, festive cocktail.

437 Plaza Real, Mizner Park; 561/409-4414

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