Thursday, December 1, 2022

Who Has Taken Over the (Former) Lord & Taylor Windows in Mizner Park?

Contrary to a curious direct message I received on Instagram this week, Grandview Preparatory School’s high school division is not expanding its east Boca Raton campus into the space formerly occupied by Lord & Taylor at Mizner Park. (Can you imagine teaching or attending class right next to a Starbucks?!) 

In fact, they’ve only taken over the windows at the space.

Grandview Preparatory School’s Visual Arts Program, led by teacher and artist Jennifer Schultz, M.Ed., decked out the store windows at the enormous retailer to premier their 2021 Community Art Show in early December. Art for Positive Change is a collection of art installations using non-traditional, recycled, and upcycled art media, community resources and collaboration that draw from this question: How can the visual arts help us to connect with the world in meaningful ways by expressing our talents and passion through visual collaborative voice? 

Grandview Upper School students’ pieces will be on display for the next month or longer in the store windows. There is also one additional display featuring schoolwide art pieces facing Federal Highway. You can’t miss the “Let’s Make More Art” signage! 

This unique collaboration is due in part to the future Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation. Grandview currently participates on the Center’s Advisory Board of Directors and was invited by Mizner Park and Brookfield Properties’ to beautify the space visible from the plaza until a new lease is negotiated. 

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity as an educator,” said Schultz. “To be able to take these students from creative brainstorming all the way to the installation process has been a real world, art professional experience that would be very difficult to replicate in a classroom setting.” The student artists of these special, emotional installations hope to emphasize the importance of taking action now before it’s too late. Art for Positive Change invites the viewer to reflect on their lives and to consider the importance of taking action to create a healthy environment and respect for humankind for generations to come.

Art for Positive Change student artists:

  • Thea Dahl-Pedersen, Senior
  • Megan Enriquez, Senior
  • Ilan Hirschman, Senior
  • Taylor Sutton, Senior
  • Dominique Blandon-Iandoli, Senior
  • Nicole Vivas, Senior 
  • Enrico Figueiredo , Senior 
  • Madeleine MacNeille, Senior
  • Victoria Kaseta, Senior 
  • Mia Kusturic, Freshman

Michelle Olson-Rogers is a mom of one and the founder of Modern Boca Mom, an award-winning lifestyle website for the stylish & modern South Florida Mommy. She can also be found on Instagram at @modernbocamom.

Michelle Olson-Rogers
Michelle Olson-Rogers
Michelle Olson-Rogers, a native to Boca, is the founder of, a lifestyle website for the stylish & modern South Florida Mommy. Modern Boca Mom features family events, activities, classes, fitness, dining, travel, home improvement and shopping options—as well as a weekly MOMpreneur spotlight! She and her husband Andrew have one daughter, Avery.

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