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Women in Business: Doreen M. Yaffa

Doreen M. Yaffa, LAW

Yaffa & Associates, Attorneys at Law


Board Certified since 2001

301 Yamato Road, Suite 2190, Boca Raton, 561/276-3880,

As an attorney practicing family law for many years, Doreen Yaffa – board certified in marital and family law – appreciates the importance of understanding her clients’ needs and helping them through what can be some of the most emotionally draining times of their lives.

It was while she was sitting on the other side of the table, however, that she had a full sense of the enormous depth of her responsibility.

“The amount of trust that your client places in you is at a level that I never really understood completely until I went through my own divorce,” Doreen says.

That understanding and Doreen’s passion for business have helped to make Yaffa & Associates a firm that clients trust to handle a variety of family law cases. The firm’s team of legal experts can deal with everything from prenuptial agreements and divorces to division of assets and alimony to highly complicated custody matters.

“An important part of what we do is to help clients emotionally get through the process and be there for them afterward,” she says.

A longtime South Florida resident who grew up in Miami, Doreen studied at Florida Atlantic University, majoring in business, before getting her law degree from Nova Southeastern University.

“I knew I would need to learn about business in order to successfully run my own law firm,” she says.

Running the practice is something she thoroughly enjoys.

“I love being in business as much as practicing law,” Doreen says.

She takes special pride in developing the talents of her staff of nine, which includes three other attorneys – all with different attributes that she calls on based on the needs on her firm.

Doreen promotes staff growth while at the same time maintaining a detail-oriented and hands-on approach to ensure the highest level of client service.

No piece of paper leaves the office or comes into it without Doreen seeing it.

“It’s important to truly care about your clients and your employees to assure success,” she says.

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