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Women in Business: Kristen Bomas


Kristen Bomas, Inc.


Established 1994

810 S.E. Eighth Ave., Deerfield Beach, 954/725-7200,

Kristen Bomas’ clients come from all philosophies of life and yet share a common denominator.

“My clients have the material things they desire and now wish to achieve an inner fulfillment or happiness,” says Kristen, a speaker, author, and seminar leader with advanced degrees in psychology. “They feel something is missing in their lives.”

Using a technique she developed during more than 25 years in practice, Kristen leads her clients on a journey of self-exploration where they develop skills for enriching their lives and their relationships with self and others.

“Our clients gain a greater awareness of who they are beyond what they do,” she says.

Kristen’s knowledge of eastern and western philosophies combined with her unique technique of teaching life empowers her clients with a confidence and freedom to pursue their goals and aspirations for themselves. Those who come to Kristen discover they can live beyond the emotions that have been impeding their happiness – such as guilt, shame and anger.

“We teach our clients a philosophy that helps them live a freer more enriching life,” she says. “It is an honor to watch people heal and discover in themselves the power to fulfill their dreams and desires.”

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