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Women in Business: Laura E. Skellchock

Laura E. Skellchock, M.D., F.A.A.D, HEALTH

Integrative Dermatology


Since 2006

6100 Glades Road, Suite 304, 561/488-2689,


Dr. Skellchock believes happiness is an essential constituent for true beauty.

Skilled at restoring youthful appearances through her artistic flair and use of the latest techniques and methods available, Dr. Skellchock utilizes an integrated approach to help her patients, focusing on the mind and spirit as well as the body.

“Authentic beauty is being happy and projecting that energy to others,” says Dr. Skellchock, who practices cosmetic, general and surgical dermatology. “When our patients look in the mirror and are happy with the results they see, that happiness radiates to others around them.”

Using techniques she first discovered after meeting Dr. Andrew Weil in the early 1980s, Dr. Skellchock works with patients to address a variety of factors that can impact aging. She refers to her office as a “sacred healing space,” which exemplifies the importance of one’s environment on health. “All healing comes from within and this compassionate space is designed to optimize an individual’s own healing,” she says. “It reflects who I am and what our practice is all about.”

A key to her success, Dr. Skellchock says, is the staff at Integrative Dermatology, who shares her passion for using a variety of tools to help patients look as young as they feel. Those tools include Botox and Dysport to relax wrinkles, numerous fillers to sculpt faces, lasers and lights to improve the complexion, individualized skin care prescriptions, nutrition and exercise counseling, hormone replacement therapy and dietary supplements.

Dr. Skellchock knows that stress is the ultimate aging factor, so she keeps her own stress low by making sure patients are ecstatic with the treatments and procedures she performs to help them maintain a natural, youthful appearance. “We have a happy staff and we have happy patients,” she says.

Dr. Skellchock feels an integral key to being successful and happy in life is to know the authentic gift you possess and to offer that gift to others – to walk one’s own unique path. When she is “doing her magic” she is in a zone where time stands still, where she is the happiest, doing the work she was born to do.

“I am truly blessed – I so love what I do,” she says.

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