Sunday, April 14, 2024

Wrapping It Up

Easter is almost here, which is the unofficial signal that South Florida’s high season is coming to a close. Oh, there are a few stray events lingering but even the Delray Affair has come and gone, which is my sign that we’re folding up the tent, the snowbirds are looking north, and it will be just us swamp chickens for the next few months.

Which got me thinking about a season recap–just from my perspective. What events stood out, which evenings I could have skipped, what parties seemed to work vs. the ones that did not. I do not go to as many black-tie galas as I used to (this is actually a good thing) so I can’t really judge those as well this year. But here are few of my hits and misses:

• Delray’s Chillounge: Thumbs down. It was a great novelty last year but this year it just seemed forced, more than little tired, and the food was embarrassing. A $100 plus VIP ticket got you Ramen noodles in a paper tray. No thanks.

• Festival of the Arts: Organizers may have been worried that there were no mega-names but I loved it this year–the Wizard of Oz with orchestra, the opera stars—it was full of energy and magic. Only Seymour Hersh was a dud—and then only because he was so utterly unprepared.

• Boca Bacchanal: Loved the Mango Gang. The Bacchanal auction night was disappointing–somehow the notion of Florida cuisine interpreted by innovative Miami chefs  deserved more than a couple of cheesy Latin dancers to advance the “theme.” On the other hand, the Grand Tasting was wonderful as usual and might be one of the area’s best foodie events.

• Circle On the Square: This is a great party and a fun fundraiser. I did think the food fell short of previous years, however.

• Savor The Avenue: I know this is our event, so I may be biased, but a five-block table down the middle of Atlantic Avenue on a gorgeous spring night is just one tough evening to beat. I loved it. I think it is my favorite night of the year.

There are a million more things I went to this year, some fun, some not so fun.  And I’ll be ready to give it another run next season. In the meantime, summer is upon us and that means Sunfest, the Fourth of July, Boca’s Ballroom Battle, just to name a few.  Who says the party’s over?

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