Thursday, May 23, 2024

You Are What (Dessert) You Eat

If, in fact, I am what I eat, today I’m a shot glass-sized dessert container of Rocky Road-chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, chocolate curls and marshmallows.

Or at least I am to Seasons 52, part of the Orlando-based chain of healthy-New American Bistro-style eateries, that’s flogging their roster of dessert “mini-indulgences” by engaging in a bit of harmless personality profiling: Answer a few questions on the restaurant’s Facebook page and through the magic of the Internet (and savvy public relations), you’ll find out which of six desserts best suits your personality (if not always your sweet tooth).

What’s your idea of a great vacation, what season do you like best, how do you unwind after a long day in the salt mines, are among the questions asked. It’s a fun bit of time-wasting (which, I guess, Facebook is the king of), but I do really like the food at Seasons. Not surprisingly, as the chain’s food guru is an old buddy from the SF Bay Area, Cliff Pleau, who is one of the country’s best chefs you’ve probably never heard of.

Anyway, if you want to try the quiz for yourself, go here. And, for the record, I’m actually a Key lime pie kinda guy. . .

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