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5 Things We Love at SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill in Miami

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure or a change of scenery, stop by SUGARCANE raw bar grill in Miami. Located on the corner of N.E. 32nd St. and N.E. 1st Ave., it has plenty of outdoor and indoor seating plus a casual eclectic atmosphere. Chef Timon Balloo is the mastermind behind this three-kitchen dining concept, with a second location in Las Vegas and a third opening in Brooklyn. The three kitchens include: one traditional, one raw bar and one open-flame grill, which each produce various made-to-order small plates. SUGARCANE is known for its rum selection and carries over 100 varieties. I love the creativity behind each dish, the complex flavors and the I-tried-a-lot-but-don’t-feel-too-full feeling I have when the meal ends. Round up friends and take them here the next time you’re in Miami. Be sure to try these favorites:

1. Tobacco Rum Old Fashioned

Homemade cigar bitters infused with tobacco leaves, maple, Mount Gay Black Barrel and Angostura bitters, served over a large ice cube with an orange twist. It’s a celebratory start to any weekend.


2. Hakkaido Scallop Crudo

Thinly sliced scallop served atop compressed apple with shaved black truffle, a slice of jalapeño and lime juice; it’s slightly spicy, light and refreshing.


3. Bacon Wrapped Dates

Manchego cheese and linguiça, or savory smoked pork sausage and sweet dates are wrapped in bacon and served with a garlicky sauce. You’ll want to order a couple of these, especially if you’re with a group, because they’ll be gone in a pinch.


4. Beef Short Rib

By far my favorite plate—thin pieces of beef grilled Korean style with rings of Fresno chili peppers, sesame seeds and soy sauce. (Get in mah belly!)


5. Carrot soup

So much goodness right here—red curry, coconut milk, almond, cilantro and chili aioli. It’s velvety smooth, creamy and aromatic.

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BONUS: Try the torrejas: French toast squares soaked in dulce de leche, then hidden beneath a layer of maple caramelized apples and cinnamon ice cream. It’s SUGARCANE’s most popular dessert and for good reason.

Allison Lewis
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