Chiseled to the Core

Build a coveted six-pack with slow, controlled workouts just in time for summer

“What the heck did I get myself into??” I wonder about 10 minutes into a [solidcore] coach-in-training class. We are alternating holding a steady plank with army crawling and ab crunches—in extremely slow, controlled movements. My sore abs, sweat-drenched towel and shaky legs signal that class is, in fact, working.

[Solidcore] is a national franchise (with gyms in Boca Raton and Miami) that helps class-goers attain those highly coveted, beach-ready abs, along with a fully toned body. My usually skeptical self is definitely a believer after attending a class.

Slow, deliberate resistance training, based on lunges, planks and squats, is completed on a [sweatlana] machine. The [sweatlana] has a moveable carriage with two stationary platforms on either side, plus customizable springs to add tension for training. Think of Pilates on steroids with way more intensity and heat.

Each [solidcore] class is 50 minutes’ worth of intense, focused full-body movements, with special attention given to the core. After the plank sequence, we transition into lunges, with pulses and extensions on either side of the body.

We target the oblique muscles and even have time to sculpt our arms. The biggest challenge (besides the workout, of course) is learning to quickly move from one end of the [sweatlana] to the other in a short amount of time. Before I know it, class is over, and I look like I just exited the pool.

“How do you feel?” Sue, the instructor, asks. I tell her I’m pretty sore, but I’d come back for another class. She smiles. It’s a common response for many first-timers.

“The first class is the toughest, but it gets better,” a couple different trainers tell me  afterwards. “I had the same reaction as you. But then I kept going, and my body adjusted.”

Your body really does adjust: One client had been to [solidcore] six days in a row, and told me she already felt stronger.

Summer is here, and the beach is calling. If you’ve always wanted a sizzling sixpack, you can make it happen.

Just slow things down.

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