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Dash: Delray’s Hottest New Medical Spa

Well, everyone, we have found ourselves a brand new, go-to med spa in the heart of downtown Delray Beach. We are so excited to introduce you to Dash ​Medical Spa, which is located right by Hawkers Restaurant, Blue Fine Art, and Hurricane Bar & Grille (one of our personal favorite bars to go to). Clearly, it’s in a great location right in Delray Beach.

We always thoroughly research and scope out spas, medical spas, estheticians, cosmetologists, beauty treatments, products, and everything in between before we share them with our friends, family members, and of course our readers. Because there are so many businesses out there performing the same medical treatments we have grown to know and love, it takes a lot to impress us and to gain our trust. Despite that high bar, our expectations were absolutely blown away by Dash Medical Spa.


From the moment one walks in, there’s a palpable sense of calm professionalism. It just feels like the right place for the right procedure with professionals who are easy to trust. The Dash staff was extremely inviting and personable, so we immediately felt comfortable with our decision to go there for injections. And readers know we don’t go just anywhere for procedures like this.

Lindsey went to her appointment with friends Angela and Jaime to share the full experience from different points of view! Owner Tony Patek and his adorable wife Dasha Patek greeted the gals with open (COVID-compliant) arms, excited to share the luxury experience of their new spa. Dash Medical Spa just opened last month–March 13th to be exact–so we were happy to be there to spread the word about the amazing treatments and services they have to offer.

Dash Medical Spa is very different from any other spa we have we have visited in the past, because their consultations start with a Visia Skin Analysis–something we had never seen before. Visia Skin Analysis improves the experience of aesthetic and skincare consultations, as their new module captures and rotates smoothly around the face to simplify the imaging process in a comfortable way. The final image captures automatic skin type classification, refined facial feature detection, and more. Honestly, at first we were completely freaked out by this machine and what it was going to tell us about our skin, but we were pleasantly surprised with the results.  

Lindsey is 33 with 31-year-old skin, and Angela is 36 with 35-year-old skin. Not bad! 

Not only does this machine tell visitors how old their skin is, but it also tells them where they may have dark spots from the sun, surface problems, aging, skin barriers. After all this, it can recommend treatments that will help with those issues. The aestheticians that were helping us with the machine recommended Microneedling and the new DiamondGlow Facial to help with the surface of our skin. But overall, we were able to breathe a little easier knowing our skin was younger than our actual age.

Following the Visio Skin Analysis, it was time for our injections. And our readers know how we feel about injections. We love them, but want to make sure they look as natural as possible. The last thing we want to do is walk around looking like a cat that just got a terrible face lift. Luckily, Dash’s Master Injector and Physician’s Assistant Noya Kantor would never let something like that happen. Noya has spent 5 years working in medical and cosmetic dermatology, and in January of 2020 began to focus on medical aesthetics. She was extremely professional, and measured our faces with a special tool that ensures facial symmetry no matter what injection you’re receiving. Whether one is getting filler or Botox, or any other treatment in between, this tool is used to make sure that everything ends up symmetrical. This was the first time we had ever seen something like this in all of our years of going to medical spas. Very impressive!

Once we were sized up for our injections, it was go time. Lindsey and Angela both wanted to get their cheeks injected–which can be a very tough procedure if you don’t go to the right place or use the right person–but Noya was very precise and took her time. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Our cheeks look very natural but have an elevated contour to them that we normally wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s like contouring your cheeks without wearing makeup.

When looking for a Medical Spa to perform injections, one needs to be very careful about who to trust with these types of procedures. Luckily, the staff at Dash Medical Spa is well-trained and ready to help. Their Medical Director, Dr. Chelsea Troiano, MD, is a Facial Plastic Surgeon–so visitors are in the best hands possible. 

Dash Medical Spa offers so much more than just injectables. See below for their complete list of services. 

  • Dermal Filler 
  • DiamondGlow Facial from Allergan 
  • IPL Facial Revitalization 
  • Injectable Neurotoxins
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • Microneedling
  • Scar Removal 
  • Stretch Mark Removal
  • Laser Hair Removal 
  • Body Contouring and so much more! 

We truly could go on forever about our amazing experience was and would recommend them for any facial, injection, or body contouring treatment our readers may be in search of. We would never recommend just any place when it comes to something this important. 

And don’t forget to be on the lookout for the dashing staff of Dash Medical Spa next month when they sponsor Boca magazine’s Mixology 2021 event on Friday, May 7th at the BRAND NEW Delray Beach Market! 

Dash Medical Spa, 638 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach; 561/409-5959; | Find them on Facebook and Instagram

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