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Dress to Make a Mess at artNEST Delray

There’s a certain level of stress that naturally comes with young children and wet paint. I’ve felt it firsthand with my little artist at home…my neck gets hot…I start sweating…and then there’s the racing heart and tightening in my chest. So, I’ve always attempted to keep messy projects that require paint strictly at school or in camp (save for the occasional commemorative handprint).

But after visiting artNEST Delray, I realized this Boca mom needs to chill the f out.

Every child is born an artist and Delray mom owner, Stephanie Scianna Pitts, and co-founder, Cosimo Scianna, have literally created a local business to encourage just that. Stephanie gets messy every day. She’s basically my hero. My daughter Avery, 5, and my nephew Aden, 1.5, and I had the opportunity to experience an artNEST paint class together firsthand—they made the art; I took the photos and steered clear. It was truly a unique and creative experience for both kids despite the difference in their ages.

Photo courtesy Modern Boca Mom

Avery initially focused on painting a unicorn on canvas. Aden found a foam roller and covered any surface he could in blue paint, including himself. He was so quiet, I don’t think he could quite believe he was allowed to do what he was doing! Then Avery got curious and decided to join Aden and the younger kids in the splash room. Let’s just say they were both covered by all the colors in the rainbow (plus glitter) by the end of the class. They were thrilled!

After I posted a photo of them on Instagram, I received so many messages asking me how I got the kids home in the car. Simple: you let the paint DRY. Then you just toss your children in the bath when you arrive. Everything is washable!

In addition to paint classes and birthday parties (yes!), artNEST Delray offers a varied arts program for kids ages 1 to 12 including drawing, collaging, book making, photography, jewelry making, fashion and more. They just opened earlier this year and have been hosting a very popular summer camp and fun weekly diaper parties, Let’s Make Art, for toddlers 12 months to 2 years.

Photo courtesy Modern Boca Mom

They’ve even come up with a genius idea to keep our Boca kids occupied in case any named storms come our way this season. Check out the StormNEST box! StormNEST ($50) contains art activities to provide hours of fun that can be done in the dark in case power is lost. A lantern is included (with batteries), as well as other glow-in-the-dark surprises. Only a mom would have thought of this…talk about essential hurricane preparedness!

The package is available at artNEST Delray, 2275 South Federal Highway, #340, or online at, with an additional fee for shipping and handling. Read about and register for all of artNest’s class offerings directly on their website. Let’s get messy and make some art!

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