Deep Plane Facelift with Dr. Ennis

Dr. L. Scott Ennis and Donna Ennis

Over time, your biggest stressors can really start to show on your face. You might notice that your face looks tired or that you’ve recently developed new wrinkles or saggy skin. If you’re feeling like you need to hit the refresh button but are afraid of the over done “pulled” look of all those people you see in town that look plastic, then a deep plane facelift might be exactly what you are looking for. 

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ennis is a congressionally recognized artist and board-certified plastic surgeon that is internationally recognized in using the new deep plane facelift to enhance the overall look of the patient’s face while avoiding the overdone plastic look!

Deep Plane Facelift Before & After

The Deep Plane Difference 

Today’s deep plane facelift vs the skin-only facelift of decades past yields a much better result and even more outstanding result than the recent SMAS facelifts that most surgeons still perform! 

  • Skin only: When facelifts first originated, the skin was lifted but the muscles and tendon underneath were mostly neglected. This led to a pulled look that was common on facelift patients after surgery. 
  • Ligaments: After advancements in the plastic surgery field, doctors realized that the optimal facelift required surgeons to tighten the actual ligaments of the face–often called the SMAS. This was a huge improvement over the skin-only facelifts, but was very limited in its ability to fix the heaviness of the central face and marionette lines. 
  • Deep Plane: Now, with Dr Ennis’ advancements in facelift surgery, the deep plane facelift elevates and tightens the individual muscles in the deepest levels of the face. That’s what the deep plane facelift is all about. 

Tips on Picking a Deep Plane Facelift Surgeon

Dr. Ennis cautions you in choosing your surgeon wisely. The deep plane is a treacherous area because you are working around the individual nerves of the face. Most of the time, only those surgeons who are considered the best plastic surgeons in their field are comfortable working in this very technically difficult area of the deep plan of the face. 

Video: About the Facelift Procedure

Making The Change to Deep Plane

The deep plane of the face consists of a network of muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons that work together to control how your face moves and what facial expression you’re currently showing. These are the tiny nerves and muscles that move the face when you smile and animate. A deep plane facelift helps keep all of this intact by lifting the entire structural area leaving a more natural result in the process. If this sounds like something that would work for you, you’ll meet with Dr. Ennis for a consultation where you’ll discuss what to expect from the procedure. 

Deep Plane Facelift Surgery

During your surgery, Dr. Ennis will make a short incision (short scar) in front of the ear to get to the deep plane area of the midface. He’ll then tighten your muscles and tendons individually to achieve that younger you without looking tight, overdone or plastic! The combo offers gorgeous results. At the end of the procedure, he will place a small drain to remove excess fluids and wrap you in a tooth ache style bandage overnight. The following morning, all of the dressings come off, the drains are removed and you can go home and take a shower the very next day. 

A Lift You’ll Love 

After surgery, you’ll have a little downtime and some swelling and bruising while you heal. But once your facelift is revealed, you’ll love how young and fresh your face will look. Because a deep plane facelift is a highly-skilled procedure, not many surgeons perform this amazing technique. Dr. Ennis is an expert with the deep plane facelift and has traveled around the world to study and refine this procedure. His artful expression and care are second to none.  

“I feel that visualizing the problem areas in the face is very easy. Looking at a face and understanding what needs to be moved comes easy to me. I say it humbly but I have done lots of artwork and even won the United States congressional art show which recognized me for my artistic talent. I personally believe it is this same artistic vision that has given me the gift of visualizing problems and understanding how to fix it not only in the face but also in the body,” Ennis said.

Dr. Ennis is highly-renowned and has been named one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, one of the Ten Best plastic Surgeons in Florida based on patient reviews and Realself’s Top 100 cosmetic surgeons in the country and is a congressionally awarded artist. 

Call today for more information about how a deep plane facelift can revolutionize your year. He can be reached through his website at or at his office via 561/266-4344.

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