Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Florida Style & Design: Now We’re Cooking… With Color

The outdoor kitchen goes sleek—and bright—this summer

Brown Jordan is a name synonymous with luxury outdoor furnishings; similarly, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is rapidly becoming associated with luxury outdoor kitchens. And the recent launch of its Elements collection further seals the deal.

Taking a modular approach, this contemporary, freestanding collection with its popular European sleek, low-profile silhouette blurs the lines between cabinetry and furniture, and equips interior designers and their clients with a smart design solution for even the most perplexing layout.

Indeed, we love the versatility aspect, but we also love the dependability. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens instills a certain confidence when it comes to durability; it’s built to last. Our climate—with harsh sun and salty air—presents a challenge, and anyone who’s invested in Brown Jordan patio furniture or Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens quality stainless steel cabinetry knows that the brands are up for it! If anyone was going to be the first to introduce powder-coated stainless steel to the outdoor kitchen market, it would be Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens.

But this is Boca, and who among us will deny that looks are important in these parts?

“Color is emotion; it brings space to life,” says international architect and designer of Elements, Daniel Germani, who is also creative director of Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens. “South Florida’s unabashed love of color provided so much inspiration when I created this new palette.”

Customers can select from several standard measures and choose from a range of appliance options. To find a local dealer, visit

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