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“Lip Flip” Lip Augmentation for a Natural Looking Pout

Dream Lips Are Here 

Are you tired of using lip fillers? Do you want great-looking lips but want to avoid the overdone duck-lip look? At Ennis Plastic Surgery, there’s a new and simpler procedure known as the LIP FLIP that can give your lips that glamourous pout in less than 10 minutes. Here’s why everyone is talking about this super quick and effective lip augmentation procedure that can help you to love your natural-looking results. 

Meet The Lip Flip 

As you age, your upper lip can turn under, giving you an aged look, much like the Whos from Dr. Seuss’ Whoville. You may also notice that you’re showing more gum when you smile than you did in your younger days. You might even find your top lip looks tucked under. If you’re noticing this downward pout or gummy smile in your photos or when you look in the mirror, then it may be time to consider a lip procedure to increase your pout and give you the sassy, youthful look you crave. 

Unlike other lip augmentation procedures, the LIP FLIP requires only two to four small injections on the border of the mouth. These injections usually contain Botox or another similar product that help give your lips a natural pout. 

“The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes.”

While using lip fillers, there can be bruising and pain after the injection. But with the LIP FLIP, you can expect little to no bruising. This short procedure also requires no sedation. It’s really the easiest and best way to get a pouty look without the pain, expense or downtime of upper lip injections. 

Lip Flip Before & After

Actual patient of Donna Ennis, ARNP, the “Gentle Injector”. 

The Right Touch 

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, the LIP FLIP is performed by Donna Ennis, ARNP, Double Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of experience. She is known as “the gentle injector” because she employs special techniques that reduce pain and provide comfort during treatments. She is an expert at non-surgical laser and injectable treatments and would love to consult with you about the best procedure to make your lips look just the way you want.

The LIP FLIP procedure will last for a few months after the procedure. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your lip pout, you may want to learn more about lip fillers or other lip lift procedures that offer a longer-lasting solution to getting a rejuvenated pout. 

To find out more about the LIP FLIP or to ask questions about the many other exciting lip procedures offered at Ennis Plastic Surgery, call 561/266-4344, email or visit

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