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Man Power 2024: Anthony Crupi

Assure America Title Company 

With an eclectic skill set, jovial personality and thoughtful introspection, Anthony Crupi has reinvented himself into the man he always envisioned—a successful entrepreneur, restaurateur and, most importantly, a dedicated father. 

In 2009, Crupi founded Assure America Title Company, right out of the financial crisis. “This was a bold move, as there was no business in 2009. I created a company that now has four offices throughout South Florida, with our corporate office in Boca Raton,” Crupi says. 

His entrepreneurial spirit, sparked by insights gained from the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”, led to the founding of a company that initially dealt with the sale of troubled assets. As the market transformed, his focus shifted to support real estate agents and clients in closing both residential and commercial transactions. 

“I’ve also ventured into a private lending firm to offer bridge loans to real estate investors and developers. We specialize in funding diverse real estate projects, presenting an alternative to traditional bank financing. Our philosophy is to provide lending when others decline,” Crupi details. 

Widely known and admired for his passion for cooking, Crupi joined forces with business partner Steven Botta as co-owners of the iconic 40-year-old The French Gazebo restaurant. They’ve revitalized the establishment, infusing the nostalgia of the past with a contemporary flair. 

“I am working with intention and commitment each day so that I can be a prime example of a father for my son. I am living by my mantra: It is a privilege to take responsibility in life,” he shares. “And it’s truly a wonderful life!” 

Assure America Title Company 
595 S. Federal Highway, Ste. 110, Boca Raton, FL 33431 

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