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Understanding your Risk Profile

Do you know your risk tolerance?

What is your risk tolerance? Are you inherently conservative? Are your assets keeping pace with inflation? How many years until you need to utilize this money?

Money is a tool to help you live the life that you want. Understanding your risk is a part of this picture. The market seems to move so quickly these days. Unfortunately, that will not change. Volatility is here to stay. With the algorithmic trading in our market, buys and sells happen within nanoseconds. That is why this part of your financial plan and investing is so important to building out your portfolio. 

Can you tolerate an 80/20 portfolio? Or do you need to be closer to 40/60? What asset classes make up that portfolio? What is going to help you to sleep at night? 

. Feel free to utilize it to see where you fall. If you feel you have too much risk in your portfolio or not enough, please reach out to us at Intercoastal Wealth Planning and schedule your complimentary consultation.

May you enjoy the fall season and may your portfolio be working for you!

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