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Miami Swim Week: Sleeves, Exposed Underwire, and Rockin’ Prints Ruled the Runway

We would like to start off this blog post by thanking the Boca magazine family and their fans for the gracious welcome they gave us last weekend when we took over their Instagram account! We had so much fun bringing you an inside look into Miami Swim Week and loved interacting with all of you.

For those of you who weren’t able to tune in, that’s what today’s post is for! Here is our full recap on the shows we attended, along with the top 10 trends of Miami Swim Week, which is now known as the PARAISO Fashion Fair.


We’re featuring this trend first because we know how happy a lot of you will be. A world where bathing suits have sleeves is a world we like to live in! Granted, it’s not best for tan lines, but sometimes that’s not the priority. You will start to see more swimwear designers opting for a sleeved look that adds a little extra umph (and protection) to your day at the beach.

High Leg Bikini Bottoms

You’ve probably seen this look all over Instagram, because it’s one of the most popular trends of the season. It’s one of those bikini bottoms that lift you up and in to flatter your lower body in the best ways possible. The fabric doesn’t pull on the skin, it sits comfortably on your waist and thighs. It also makes your legs look long and lean! So many benefits!

Suit by KYA (Getty Images)

80s- and ’90s- Inspired Swimwear

Baywatch called and they want their swimsuits back! We’d be lying if we said we weren’t ecstatic about these looks making their way on to the market this season. Such rad vibes with this trend paired with fanny packs, visors, scrunchies, and throwback Filas. Designers had fun with accessorizing these looks. If you’re looking for a ’90s girl realness, this is the trend for you.

Psychedelic Prints

Designers are all about speaking to the generations this season by including psychedelic prints that standout on the runway. In previous seasons we saw tribal and geometric shapes for the boho babes and stripes and polka dots for the feminine ladies, but funky psychedelic prints are making a statement and a trend to certainly watch out for.

Suit by Filthy Haanz (Getty Images)


Exposed Underwire Bikinis

Probably our least favorite trend of Miami Swim Week, and you can probably see why. The plunging V underwire leaves nothing to the imagination and looks like it’s extremely uncomfortable. The only benefit to this trend is that the underwire has a nice lifting effect.


Girly Pinks

Let’s be honest, Miami Swim Week is all about the ladies and what’s Swim Week without a girly pale pink and a gorgeous bronzed tan? Pale pink is one of the most popular Pantone colors of spring/summer 2018, so it’s no secret why designers implemented that color into a lot of their pieces.

Suit by Lill and Emm (Getty Images)


Stripes, stripes and more stripes. This isn’t a trend strictly for swimwear, we’ve been seeing stripes everywhere this summer. Whether you’re looking for a ‘day on the yacht’ type of stripe, or a retro look with larger stripes, chances are you will find them on the market.



We LOVE a good ruffle, especially on a bathing suit. Ruffles are a great way way to cutesy-up your look without having to try too hard. They’re girly, flirty and dainty and we are totally on board with it.

VDM the Label (Getty Images)

The ‘Almost One-Piece’

Almost, but not quite! Achieve the two piece look with the one-piece security. These sexy one-pieces are so open they give you bikini vibes in a single bathing suit. We also like to call this look, ‘the best of both worlds”.

Free Bella (Getty Images)


Standout Designers


Luli Fama Swimwear

In true form, Luli Fama had the best show of Miami Swim Week, debuting their newest collection, “Wapisima” (Spanish for “beautiful”). The always lively show kicked off with an exhilarating flamenco dance performance, moving right into the new looks. The collection showcased a variety of looks that were bold, bright, flirty, and undeniably feminine. This collection had incredible silhouettes featuring underwire corset tops, high-leg bottoms with vibrant colors like red, yellow, turquoise, and pink tones. Inspired by the South of Spain, the “Wapisima” collection explored the magical mix of colors and sounds found within the picturesque region.

Sinesia Karol

Sinesia Karol presented a romantic “Botanical Garden” collection that embodied a tropical rainforest and served as inspiration to this new collection. We love anything boho, and that is exactly what we got at this show—eye-catching floral prints, accents and solid color blocking fit for a tropical paradise. Fringed laser-cut details and cut-out elements made this collection fashion forward and wearable. For the “Botanical Garden” collection, Sinesia Karol adopted more sustainable methods when designing the garments, following a cleaner aesthetic and displaying the brand’s commitment to the socio-environmental cause.

Monday Swimwear

Another one of our favorite collections, Monday Swimwear made its runway debut showcasing a neutral color palette of timeless ivory, black, and nude tones with pops of coral red, sky blue, mustard yellow, and leopard print. The brand covered colors and styles perfect for every skin tone and adopted the “shoppable runway” model by presenting pieces from their Summer Moments, Signature, Ribbed, and Beachwear collections. Co-founded by “swimwear connoisseurs” Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, the brand is recognized not only for their remarkable social media presence, but most importantly, for their iconic feminine designs, immaculate fit, and enduring quality. They strive to design feminine pieces that complement every body shape so women never have to settle for a suit that “fits,” over a suit that fits perfectly. We LOVE this line!

Stone Fox Swim

Stone Fox Swim’s first show couldn’t have gone better, as the collections showcased a mix of new pieces as models walked the runway set up within The Nautilus Bamboo Tunnel. It began with darker swimwear, having a slightly moody tone with fresh green, polka dots, black and white florals, and muted mustard yellows. The spring collection had more of an elevated mood which highlighted varies nude hues, dusty sky blues, alongside feminine florals and bright patterns. This collection presented new silhouettes and styles ranging from ’80s-inspired cuts, Brazilian bottoms and more modest coverage styles.

The inaugural PARAISO Fashion Fair closed out with a bang Sunday night at Sports Illustrated’s Swim Search runway show at W South Beach. It was the perfect way to end the week, with a collection of runway shows, industry panels, pop-ups, and parties PARAISO united the best of the best in swim and resort in Miami.

The narrative of the weekend was body positivity, and it carried through everywhere you looked.

Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
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