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Miami Swim Week Returns: What LLScene is on the Look Out For

It’s the middle of July, and you know what that means—Miami Swim Week is upon us!

It’s no secret that living in South Florida has its advantages, one of them being that swimsuit season is every season, which means us fashionistas have to be on our swimwear game 365 days of the year. As Miami Swim Week has evolved, so has our personal style and love for all things swimwear. This will be our fourth year attending Miami Swim Week and we love to see the changes made in the industry year after year.

So, what can you expect at Miami Swim Week this year? We’ll be on the lookout for more athletic-inspired swimsuits with high-hip bottoms, tops with ties in the front opposed to the traditional tie in the back, and one-pieces!

Fabrics are softer and seamless with more of a flattering give to them. Gone are the days of tight bathing suits that pull on the skin while riding up in the worst possible places. Designers are more in-tuned with what women want—effortless femininity.

You can still expect those tiny bottoms, but they will also come with a complementary top that almost wears like a sports bra to go along with that athletic swimwear trend. Have no fear, one-piece suits aren’t going anywhere, but we expect to see more of low-cut Italian one-pieces with a Brazilian fit.

The shows are always great, but one of our favorite parts about attending Miami Swim Week are the events. Some of our favorite pieces come from the pop-up shop events we attend this weekend. We’ll be joining Face2Face Studios at their beauty pop-up shop during the Planet Fashion Miami Swim Week Event at the Loews Hotel Friday.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook because we will be going live on both accounts before, during and after the shows with our favorite looks, trends, and accessories throughout the weekend. Each designer has promised a unique theme to each of their shows and we can’t wait to share them with you all! Here’s our current schedule so you can keep up!


Stone Fox Swim Runway Show

Monday Swimwear Runway Show

MIKOH Swimwear Runway Show


Sinesia Karol Runway Show

ACACIA Runway Show

Luli Fama Runway Show

Pop Up Shops & Events

Looking to attend Swim Week events for yourselves? A lot of runway shows and events put on during Miami Swim Week are invitation only, but there are also a ton of opportunities to attend events that are open to the public. Visit, type in Miami Swim Week into the search and those events will pop right up!

Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
Lindsey Swing and Lilly Robbins are two girls dedicated to fashion, beauty, and all things that make up a glamorous lifestyle. LLScene is a fashion and lifestyle blog with a lot of layers. Lindsey and Lilly are South Florida Influencers with expertise and a glamorous lifestyle, which provides a different take on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands. In addition to their blog and social media following, LLScene provides PR and marketing services for businesses looking to enhance their on and offline presence. Lindsey has a passion for innovative fashion movements and Florida State football, and Lilly is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader with a desire to further her philanthropic work and brand lifestyle and beauty concepts. Until they're fortunate enough to have children of their own, Lindsey and Lilly will continue to grow their business and take their "dog mom" roles to Bentley and Duke very seriously.

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