MK Takeaways Brings High Standard to Food Delivery

MK Takeaways
Bayou Spicy chicken sandwich; photo: RM Studio Corp

In our quest for new food options, we found the “ghost kitchen,” which means a restaurant-grade kitchen providing prepared meals-to-go. One ghost kitchen is MK Takeaways, and it started in July.

MK Takeaways is based in Sunrise, and delivers to Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Owners Michael and Karen Stanley operate their commissary kitchen Monday through Friday, and the menu is extensive: starters, soups/salads, sandwiches, entrees, sides, desserts and beverages (including wine). 

The Stanleys are Miami-born with a lot of restaurant experience, and they also own Yummy in My Tummy, an organic and natural school lunch program serving the tri-counties.

Producing meals for families seems like a natural step for them, and after sampling a number of their dishes, I can taste the experience behind MK Takeaways.

We tried: roasted beets, sea salt brownies, Mediterranean salads (hummus, spicy carrots and jalapeno and Greek salad with feta, marinated and mixed olives, feta and artichoke), cottage chips, Li’l kosher dogs, cole slaw, grilled chicken sandwich, one-half roasted chicken, blackened grilled shrimp over pasta with creamy Cajun alfredo sauce, BBQ baby back ribs and gluten-free white chocolate mousse.  

MK Takeaways
Spicy carrots and Feta Salad – photo by Lynn Kalber

The food arrived nicely packaged in labeled containers, and there were reheating instructions when needed. All of the dishes kept well for several days, which is a big plus for working families. 

The salads’ flavors were either what I expected (which was a good thing) or had additional flavor boosts, usually from some spices – such as the spicy carrots and jalapeno salad, which is pretty and fairly zesty and delightful. The chicken sandwich, ribs and shrimp entrees were hefty enough to split between two people. Then there were the brownies and mousse, neither of which had any leftovers – not too sweet or clinging, but just the right amount and ended meals on a light note.

Depending on location, there are minimum order requirements. For my house in West Palm Beach, there’s a $50 minimum required. Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties have a $10 delivery charge, while Broward delivery is free. 

Speaking of prices, these are reasonable and allow stocking your fridge for a few days without breaking the bank. Plus, it will mean you get to enjoy some good meals that you don’t have to cook. The starters are $12-$17 (for 5 Mediterranean salads), soups/salads are $7-$10, sandwiches are large and $14-$19, entrees also large and $15-$26, sides are $7 and desserts $8.; 954/669-1366.

A closing to note: Palm Beach’s Chez Jean-Pierre

The grandfather of Palm Beach restaurants for 29 years, Chez Jean-Pierre, announced its closing this week. This traditional French restaurant was a staple for decades for its food and the social scene. Sadly, another victim of the virus.

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