Sunday, December 3, 2023

The 561 Face of Buzzworthy PR and Digital Communications

The Buzz Agency

Elizabeth Kelley Grace & Julie Mullen

When Co-Founders Julie Mullen and Elizabeth Kelley Grace joined forces in 2009, The Buzz Agency focused on traditional media relations. But it didn’t take long for the partners to see an untapped market in the growing field of social/digital media. “We dove in to learn everything we could about these emerging tools. Now, nearly 12 years later, our team’s collective experience, along with the diversity of our services, has really set us apart,” explains Julie.

Buzz helps its client partners adapt and evolve by developing innovative communications initiatives designed to keep their businesses moving forward. “They look to us for creative strategies, especially as many have been forced to shift in-person activities to the virtual world,” says Elizabeth.

From developing a Facebook Live video series with musicians from The Symphonia, to creating an interactive, virtual presentation for members of the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar, to implementing new digital communications tactics for Aviation Week Network’s international clients, Buzz continuously works to effectively and resourcefully grow its clients’ digital footprints.

Buzz has certainly ‘gone digital,’ but traditional media outreach is still a key component on its service menu. “We work nonstop to provide journalists topical stories that will resonate with their readers, viewers and listeners,” says Julie. “Yes, the media landscape is changing, but there are still plenty of creative ways to share news and make some noise on our clients’ behalf.”



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