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The 561 Face of Immigration Law

Salvador Law 

Larissa Salvador Anunciato, Esquire 

Seeking the American dream quickly became a nightmare for Larissa Salvador Anunciato and her Brazilian family when an attorney they trusted to handle their immigration case stole every penny they owned and disappeared. Luckily that attorney was later prosecuted and is now serving a federal sentence. This ordeal led Larissa Salvador Anunciato to open her own law practice to help others to understand the legal process and the correct steps to take in seeking citizenship. 

Salvador Law was born out of my own personal struggles. My goal is to make life easier for my clients, whether they are dealing with immigration issues or domestic violence, which I personally experienced in my first marriage,” explains Larissa. “It is very important to me to help women in that situation and let them know they do not have to stay in that situation.” 

Larissa feels it is equally important that clients feel that she is a part of their team. She knows firsthand that immigration is about a person’s entire life; their present and their future in another country. “We take that very seriously,” she says. “My advice to people who are undocumented or back in their country and planning to migrate to the US, is to always seek professional help. I understand the stigma, and the rumors and the bad outcomes that can come from unscrupulous people. I wouldn’t be here today if someone hadn’t helped me. Talk to a professional. Know your options. I’m here to help,” she assures. 



This sponsored content is from the 2022 issue of Boca Chamber and the November/December 2021 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s 561 Faces special section, click here.

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