The Boss Babe’s Guide to Back-to-School

Laetitia Laurent

Back-to-school season is always a little bittersweet for us. As two girls who live for day planners, organizing, stickers, and colored pens, we truly miss the “new beginnings” feel that the start of a school year brings.

But do we miss the workload that comes after that back-to-school excitement wears off? Of course not.

But, who’s to say you can’t have it all during the back-to-school season without actually having to go back to school? Today we’ll give you the “adult version” of how you can reorganize your life, revamp your office or desk space, and take advantage of all the seasonal perks.

Plan It Out

Erin Condren planners

Buying a new planner was always first on the list of things to do when back-to-school shopping began, and oh have they evolved since our school days. There’s something so refreshing about opening your new planner and going to town with stickers and colored pens as you plan out the rest of your social calendar for the year. Yes, in today’s day and age we rely mostly on our iCalendar, but anything that is documented in our iCalendar is quickly transferred into our written planners as well. Call us old fashioned.

So, what is our favorite planner of 2019? Look no further than Erin Condren. We have featured this brand before and because they continue to evolve with the times while keeping it fun and professional.

Clean It All Out

(Photo courtesy LaureNell Interiors)

We also like to look at the back-to-school season as an opportunity to “spring clean” your life. Take the opportunity to organize your office, desk and filing cabinets. There’s nothing more therapeutic than getting up to date on all of the papers you have been putting off all year long. Go to HomeGoods or Target and purchase new folders to go with your glowing personality, along with a Label Maker that will help you prioritize your new folders and make them look professional and organized at the same time.

Revamp Your Space

(Photo courtesy LaureNell Interiors)

There’s nothing better than giving your office space or desk a little upgrade. Not only does it give you the motivation to organize, but studies have shown that if you’re happy and satisfied with your workspace, you are more likely to be more productive. So much of our success in the workplace is determined by the vibe and ambiance of the office we work in. You spend most of your week in your office, you might as well make it a happy place to be.

To bring more insight on creating an ideal workspace, we talked to interior designer, Laetitia Laurent, the founder of Laure Nell Interiors:

Laetitia Laurent

What are some of the biggest office trends in decor and ambiance that you’re seeing in 2019?

Office spaces are becoming cozier and more comfortable. We are moving away from stark and clinical for more inviting spaces. With the rise of the entrepreneurial category, and the lines between work and play becoming blurrier, we are seeing a lot of home pieces being added to office spaces such as couches, funky art, plushy rugs. Office spaces are gaining in personality. 

Do you have an office accessory you just can’t live without?

As a designer, I’m constantly pinning samples, fabric swatches and inspiration photos, so I need a big mood board and lots of push pins.

Is there a color scheme that is ideal for an office?

I love white. You can always layer with touches of color or add some wood shelving, but white is the ideal base color for your office as it keeps the space clean and therefore your brain running smoother. All my desk accessories are acrylic for the same clarity reason.

What is your biggest advice for someone looking to revamp their office this season?

Don’t follow any rules, if you want a tufted ottoman next to your armchair to put your feet up and swift through your magazines for inspiration, go for it. Get that “girl boss” mug, and that sheepskin rug, anything that puts a smile on your face and gets those brain cells fired up. I say go for it.

Lastly, Do Something for Yourself

It’s so important to take time for yourself to reflect on the first half of the year and get your post-summer life back on track. Treat yourself to something that will impact your well-being and leave you feeling fabulous at the same time. For example, we plan on having a full-on spa day at Skin Apeel Day Spa in Boca Raton. Skin Apeel is celebrating National Wellness Month by offering clients the opportunity to “Pick n’ Mix” their services for just $99. Sign us up!

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