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Top 5 Most Instagrammable Spots in Boca Raton for Families

Family photos. Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are essential to that whole “making memories” part of being a parent. When I was a kid, my mom made my sister and I take holiday photos at the Sears Portrait Studio in Town Center UNTIL WE GOT MARRIED in our late twenties. That’s how important these annual memories were to her. 

Being my mother’s daughter, I am now a huge advocate of hiring a professional photographer at least once a year to capture the family on film (well, digital these days) and document the children as they grow up. But now, there are so many more beautiful places to take photos in Boca Raton than a stuffy room featuring a marbled or faux leather backdrop. Trust me–as a local mom blogger, I have taken photos all over town with my own family, and have found some real visual gems over the years! Now, I am passing this knowledge on to you, Boca moms.

Here are my top 5 local recommendations for where to take your next ‘perfectly Instagrammable’ family photo… 

Boca Express Train Museum

Location: 747 S Dixie Highway, Boca Raton

There are so many amazing nooks and crannies in which to take outdoor shots at this historical location in southeast Boca Raton. Plus, if you happen to have a small child who’s obsessed with train engines, we can pretty much guarantee the Boca Express Train Museum will garner a genuine smile or two for the camera. 

Pro tip: Shoot facing west around sunset for optimal mood lighting and lens flares. 

Sanborn Square

Location: 72 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton 

Located directly across from the Boca Raton History Museum, Sanborn Square is a palm tree mecca. Nothing screams South Florida more than a bunch of palm trees all lined up in a tidy row! Not to mention, this park has some beautiful tile work, fountains and a great view of Boca’s Old City Hall and its notable bronze dome.

Pro tip: Coordinate your outfits with the park’s colors to make the scenery really pop! 

Mizner Park

Location: 327 Plaza Real, Boca Raton

I have been taking photos at Mizner Park since my junior year prom at Boca High (circa 1999) and there’s a reason for that! Pretty pink buildings and gorgeous gazebos and fountains make for great pictures. I specifically saved this location for my daughter’s 5th birthday photo shoot and coordinated our dresses and balloons accordingly. 

Pro tip: Mizner Park is an ideal place to bribe your kids into taking photos. How can they say no to the promise of ice cream from Sloan’s or candy from IT’SUGAR after the shoot?

Boca Raton Museum of Art

Location: 501 Plaza Real, Boca Raton

The Boca Raton Museum of Art is finally hip to the fact that if you make your business (or non-profit in this case) Instagrammable, people will come. My family’s last photo shoot there was in 2019, but they just renovated and added some beautiful outdoor murals to their Ohnell Sculpture Garden. Not to mention the gorgeous one recently painted above the Mizner Park Amphitheater stage just adjacent to the museum!

Pro tip: Bring a small bench or chair on location to raise or lower people, making your photos more visually interesting. 

Spanish River Park Canoe & Kayak Launch

Location: 3001 N. State Road A1A, Boca Raton

My family and I have done multiple photo shoots at Spanish River Park, specifically the canoe & kayak launch area, because of the ridiculously beautiful sunset photo opportunities. My sister’s maternity photoshoot was especially beautiful at this location, with several different spots available to capture a silhouette or intracoastal view. 

Pro tip: Don’t be shy about bringing different wardrobe options and changing in the car or restroom. You can make a single photoshoot look like several with multiple outfits for you or the kids!

What local Instagrammable locations did I miss? Comment below with your favorites!

Michelle Olson-Rogers is a mom of one and the founder of Modern Boca Mom, a lifestyle website for the stylish & modern South Florida Mommy. She can also be found on Instagram at @modernbocamom.

Michelle Olson-Rogers
Michelle Olson-Rogers
Michelle Olson-Rogers, a native to Boca, is the founder of, a lifestyle website for the stylish & modern South Florida Mommy. Modern Boca Mom features family events, activities, classes, fitness, dining, travel, home improvement and shopping options—as well as a weekly MOMpreneur spotlight! She and her husband Andrew have one daughter, Avery.

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