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Tulum: An Instagrammable Dream

Where do you even begin after you get back from a trip of a lifetime? Last week, Lindsey said “adios” to the states and “hola” to Tulum, Mexico for a girls’ trip with one of her best friends, Angela DiGiorgio. Today’s blog post will be a full recap of their trip from Lindsey’s point of view.

True to form, we went a little “extra” on treating ourselves to ensure we got the most out of our experience in Tulum. By treating ourselves, I mean we stayed at three different resorts in four days. Luckily, Angela traveled to Tulum last year, so she was well versed in the best possible places to stay and see while we were there – hence switching resorts three different times, but it was totally worth it. Big shoutout to my cousin and amazing Travel Agent, Laura Marshall of Trip Guy, for helping us plan a lot of this trip! 


Our first stop was Azulik, and I can’t even properly describe the beauty of this resort so I hope the photos I took will do it justice. Think of the most “Instagrammable” boho resort in the world and then multiply that by ten – I couldn’t stop taking photos of this place! 

That being said, Azulik takes pride in being a place for “cutting off from technology” and “becoming one with yourself and nature” – hence the tree-house vibes. This was pure torture for someone like me, who wanted nothing more than to Instagram live the entire experience as it was happening- THE HORROR! They take this “no technology” thing so seriously that they don’t have electricity or showers in the rooms. I have to admit, this was a little jarring (and hot) at first, but nothing a braid and a dip in our private outdoor pool couldn’t fix. 

Being that this was such an “Instagrammable” room, we couldn’t leave without a full-on photoshoot. 


It was nice to be forced to have a little “eat, pray, love” moment and bonding at Azulik. The grounds were simply incredible, complete with a museum on-site, an award-winning restaurant, elevated hammocks to jump in, and views that take your breath away. When it came to style, I embraced this boho moment as much as I could and wore a hunter green backless maxi dress from White Fox Boutique. It was the perfect dress for a place like this. All in all, we absolutely loved Azulik for everything it stood for. Though we could probably only have stayed there for one night due to the lack of electricity and Wi-Fi, it was the perfect resort to kick off our trip to Tulum. 

The next day we checked out of Azulik and went straight to the Cenotes. The first Cenote we visited was Cenote Calavera which forced us to face our fears and jump right into a freezing cold cave filled with bats. Yes, bats were flying around our heads as we swam around. 

The second Cenote we visited was called Cenote dos Ojos and I’ll just let the pictures do the talking on this one. Have you ever seen water this blue? We snorkeled and ventured to both Cenotes, but then it was time for a drink and to check into our second hotel, Be Tulum. 

Cenote dos Ojos

For dinner, we ventured into town to Rosa Negra, which was the perfect place to officially celebrate Angela’s birthday. At one point the DJ played a certain song and everyone in the restaurant stood on their chairs and were handed sparklers to wave around and dance with. The ambiance couldn’t have been more beautiful and upbeat, which is exactly what we needed after a tiring day of cliff diving and snorkeling.

I think it’s safe to say that all of Tulum is an Instagrammers’ dream and Be Tulum certainly didn’t disappoint. With the help of Angela mentioning I’m a blogger, they upgraded our room to an Ocean View Suite with our own private infinity pool. Quite the romantic spot for two best friends celebrating a birthday, but we didn’t care! 

What’s a vacation without a day at the spa? And, the spa at Be Tulum, Yäan Wellness was everything you could ever dream of for a spa day, and more. We started with a Mayan Bath Ritual which started with a trip to the steam room, followed by a freezing cold shower, 10 minutes in the sauna, water therapy in a pool and a relaxing 20 minutes in the jacuzzi before being transported to our treatment room. Our treatment began with an “Aura/Energy Cleansing,” which was interestingly soothing. I must admit, I didn’t feel any negative energy leave my body, but I was also in one of the most beautiful places in the world with one of my best friends, so how could anyone feel negative in a moment like that? From there, we received a full-body sugar scrub and massage, which was simply blissful. We ended our spa day in a hot tub filled with aromatherapy oils and beautiful flowers. 

Be Tulum Spa

Another shoutout to White Fox Boutique and White Fox Swim for sponsoring more than half my wardrobe and swimwear during this trip. I was obsessed with this hot pink, off-the-shoulder bathing suit. It was sporty yet sexy and the perfect complement for a Mexican vacation. 

Our last full day was spent at Xel Ha, an adventure focused waterpark right in the heart of Tulum. I’ll be honest, I’m not one to venture outside my comfort zone or partake in the adventurous activity, so it’s nice to have a friend that believes in you/forces you to do things you wouldn’t normally do – like sticking your feet inside a tank of flesh-eating fish for example. As terrifying as this may sound, it was probably one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. No, it didn’t hurt at all, if anything it tickled a bit and was very relaxing. This practice is known throughout the world to help with circulation and skin smoothing, and I have to say, the skin on my feet has never been softer. 

From there we soaked up the sun for a little bit and helped ourselves to some margaritas before heading to the “Adrenaline Boat Ride.” Remember when I said it’s nice to have a friend that forces you to do things you don’t want to do? Well, I take that back. Leading up to this, we were the most excited for this excursion because we thought it was simply a fast speed boat that performed a couple turns here and there, but it was much more than that. Being the adventurous Boca girls we are, we begged to sit in the front row, which was a big mistake. The Captains were hilarious and walked us through what the experience would be like, but nothing can prepare someone to submerge into the ocean-going over 75 mph. It was certainly an adrenaline rush but left us feeling very dizzy and a little faint after, which led us to check into our third hotel, La Valise. 

You can guess at this point that La Valise was also an “Instagrammer’s dream,” right? Every single one of these resorts had the boho vibes but in their own special way. La Valise was no exception. It was light, airy, and had beautiful hammocks everywhere you looked. 

La Valise

Poor Angela was suckered into staging another photoshoot for me, but how can one resist when you’re wearing a Montce Swim bikini and have backdrops like this? 

I especially loved the bamboo accents around our room and the resort. I wish we had more time to explore La Valise because the grounds were impeccable and the staff was so sweet and accommodating. 

As I mentioned before, my words can’t do justice to my experience in Tulum. In addition to all the resorts and activities we did, we biked around, chatted with locals, and took in every moment we possibly could. I feel so lucky to have visited this beautiful city with one of my best friends, who literally planned every single thing we did. We can’t wait to go back again next year and bring Lilly, perhaps? I hope this little recap of my trip gave you a fraction of what it’s like to visit the most “Instagrammable” city I’ve ever been to. 

Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
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