Thursday, November 30, 2023

86’d, The Restaurant Deadpool

Longevity doesn’t count for much in the restaurant biz. Neither, apparently, does novelty.

Just ask the folks at Brewzzi in CityPlace, gone from the upstairs space it occupied for almost a dozen years after a bankruptcy judge ruled that the West Palm Beach shopping center could evict the establishment for non-payment of rent. Though Brewzzi officials have been quoted as saying they intend to appeal the ruling and reopen the restaurant, CityPlace has already scrubbed any mention of the eatery-brewpub from its website, and there doesn’t appear to be any love lost between the two sides. The Boca Raton Brewzzi, however, is still open.

And speaking of Boca. And novelty. And the unforgiving nature of the restaurant biz. Say goodbye to Bistro Gastronomie, the upscale French eatery in the Yamato Village Center from veteran chef William Walden that closed after less than six months. Partnership problems were reportedly the issue. A voicemail message at the restaurant says it’s closed for business while undergoing “renovation and restructuring” and hopes to reopen in the “very near future.” Maybe. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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