Athleisure Wear – The New Essential Business


Don’t lie, you’ve been living in athleisure-wear for the last 4 months and don’t plan on wearing anything else until the end of time. What’s the point of buying anything else right now?

It’s the sad truth, but opening emails from the usual online sites you order from is a constant reminder that there are a million cute outfits and dresses out there and we have NOWHERE to wear them to. This is why we have fully embraced our obsession with athleisure–because it might as well be considered an “essential business” right now and you know it. Chances are you’re probably sick of the leggings and fitness-wear you’ve been rocking the last 4 months in quarantine, so why not try something new? This is why we’re beyond happy to have found Savvi Fit

Since we’ve been living in leggings, sports bras, tank tops, and tees right now, there’s no better time to cancel your Fabletics membership (like we did) and jump on this bandwagon with us. We’ve been through our fair share of Lululemons, Athleta and all of the other overpriced fitness-wear out there only to be disappointed when they’re ruined the second you put them in the wash. Savvi Fit gives you the best of both worlds; a new take on STYLISH and COMFORTABLE athleisure/fitness-wear, without having to spend an insane amount of money. 

When we got our first orders in, we were hooked. Once we started spreading the word to our friends they were equally as obsessed. There’s something about the quality of these clothes and the way you feel when you’re wearing them that make it different than anything else out there!

LLScene Perk: We have (limited) promo codes for $25 off your purchase so make sure to email us at or DM us on Instagram at @llscene to secure a $25 off promo code.  As usual, thank you for taking the time to listen to us rant and rave about our latest obsessions, because you know we’ll only share things that are legit and we never disappoint. Make sure to download the app by clicking on the link below so you can start shopping now!

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