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Beauty, Wellness & Beyond 2022: Carolyn Zaumeyer

MSN, ARNP, LowTE Florida®

Carolyn Zaumeyer studied under the most renowned hormone experts throughout the country and has mastered bio-identical hormone and thyroid optimization therapy, treating more than 300 patients a month at her practice, LowTE Florida®. She was the first Nurse Practitioner in Florida to own her own practice and has consistently treated more patients than any other provider in Florida, ranking in the top two in the nation. To add to her scope of services, she has a built a thriving nutritional supplement business to complement her therapy, which has become extremely popular with her patients and clients nationwide. At LowTE Florida®, Carolyn provides individualized treatment based on patients’ biochemistry and medical history to correctly dose their treatments.

Carolyn has focused on this area of practice because she can give people hope that they can actually feel better. “We test each patient very carefully, and if we see something that raises a flag that is not in our hormone world, we get them connected with the correct specialist,” she explains.

Carolyn once worked with a physician who was referring all menopausal women to a psychiatrist “to get their lives together.” After optimizing their hormones, patients reported that they slept well for the first time in years, their energy was back, they liked themselves better and their partners saw a noticeable difference in their moods.

Carolyn invites you to call to schedule your free virtual consultation with Florida’s premier bioidentical hormone expert and “start the new year with a pep in your step!”


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