Friday, July 19, 2024

Boca Mag Gives: The 2015 Giveaway

Every month, we’ll be giving away a special prize to one – or a few – lucky readers.

This year, we launched our inaugural holiday giveaway. Prizes included a $250 gift card from Magenta Boutique, a gift basket from Hoffman’s Chocolate and a beautiful bouquet from Kalla.

Did you miss it? Well, don’t worry – we received such a positive response that we decided giveaways shouldn’t be limited to just the end of the year. Enter the 2015 Boca Mag Gives campaign. Every month, we’ll be giving away an item (in some cases, we’ll have more than one to award) ranging from restaurant gift certificates to private dance classes at a renowned studio. The item will be announced every first of the month on our website under the “giveaway” dropdown in the Community menu.

Ways to enter will vary – from posting a photo on our Facebook wall, to tagging us on Instagram. Make sure to follow us on our social media sites!





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