Boca Raton Library Offers Free, Online Foreign Language Tool For Kids


Teaching your Boca kid a foreign language has never been easier

As parents, we all want our children to be successful in life—to have that extra “edge” that gives them a big boost in the job market of the future. Did you know that many of the careers our kids will have don’t even exist yet? I know blogging certainly wasn’t on the preferred job list of 1982, or even 2000 when I graduated from high school.

That’s why I’m teaching my 4-year-old daughter a foreign language in preparation for the future. You better believe she is taking Spanish in preschool! And now, foreign language education is accessible to all children in Boca Raton thanks to the Boca Raton Public Library.

The Boca Raton Library is offering online foreign-language learning to children of library patrons through KidSpeak for Libraries. They are partnering with RB Digital to bring this fantastic, free, educational addition to our city.



Combining animations with over 40 interactive activities, puzzles and songs, KidSpeak for Libraries makes learning a second language fun and easy. The courses offer three levels of difficulty, printable activities and learning exercises. And KidSpeak helps children build a solid foreign language foundation by using an immersive approach. Languages are hosted by fun cartoon “friends” and their playful pets, using only the foreign language being taught. Forget the dull, read-and-repeat approach your middle school teacher used!

Children will learn skills like alphabet and word recognition, understanding simple sentences, addition and subtraction, how to tell time, number recognition (matching numbers to written words) and correct pronunciation. Designed by leading educators for children 6 and older, KidSpeak for Libraries contains more than 700 words and expressions per language. Current available languages include English and Spanish, with Chinese expected to follow soon.

For more information, visit the Digital Library tab of the library’s website,

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