Sunday, August 14, 2022

Concert Promoter No Longer Spreading ‘Propaganda’

In a statement in his PureHoney newsletter late last week, local concert promoter Steven Rullman officially left his post at Propaganda in Lake Worth after building the small venue into Palm Beach County’s premiere indie rock dive bar over the past year and a half. Not wanting to ruffle any feathers with the club’s management—he still has friends on staff—Rullman’s justifications for leaving the bar are left mostly between himself and the owner.

“Consistency was extremely difficult to come by for a number of reasons,” he told me in a phone interview, citing vague excuses such as “mismanagement,” “impatience” and an overall lack of understanding of the business.

Needless to say, it was a frustrating 18 months for Rullman, a longtime promoter who has previously booked shows at DaDa in Delray Beach, Respectable Street and The Lounge in West Palm Beach and the fallen City Limits in Delray, to name a few.

But Propaganda is my favorite club of its size in all of South Florida, and there’s no doubt my best experiences at the venue – seeing acts like Digital Leather and Vivian Girls in an exciting, intimate setting – wouldn’t have occurred without Rullman’s stewardship.

Rullman says Propaganda will still continue to book strong acts, but he’s moving onto his latest project with a newfound piece of mind: turning the small downtown Lake Worth pub Little Munich (formerly the Dirty Dwarf) into the next area hot spot for top local talent and small touring acts.

The stage, lights and primary components of the PA are in place, and he’s already overseen the repainting of the sotrefront.

“The room already sounds much better than most pubs I’ve been to,” he said.

It’s a different animal than Propaganda, but Rullman says Little Munich has three advantages over his former client: It serves food, it offers outdoor seating and it has an expansive selection of beers on tap. Harboring no ill will toward Propaganda, he’s excited about a new “Bermuda Triangle”of original live music downtown, with Propaganda, Little Munich and the beloved blues club the Bamboo Room-which is rumored to reopen sometime between Thanksgiving and February-helping to make Lake Worth a music lover’s paradise.

One’s thing’s for sure-wherever Rullman goes, I’m sure to follow.

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