Delray Beach Assistant City Manager Resigns Amid Gretsas Drama

Delray Beach City Hall (Photo by Christiana Lilly)

Delray Beach Assistant City Manager Suzanne Fisher, who is at the center of the controversial suspension of City Manager George Gretsas, is resigning.

In a letter dated last Friday, Fisher said she would resign effective Sept. 7. Gretsas’ attempt to fire her in May led to accusations that Gretsas was doing so in retaliation for complaints about him. Mayor Shelly Petrolia and city commissioners Julie Casale and Shirley Johnson voted on June 24 to serve notice that they intend to fire Gretsas.

Fisher, who has been on leave, said in her letter that she is resigning “by agreement with” the city. A Delray Beach spokeswoman did not provide details.

I’ll have more in my Tuesday post.