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Fashion Dos and Dont’s Part 1

For the November issue, I spoke to an image consultant, a fashion designer and a clothing store owner about controversial fashion choices. They sounded off on mixing prints, wearing white between Labor Day and Memorial Day and more in “Fashion Voilà or Faux Pas?” in the Currents/Shop section on page 42. Here is more of their fashion advice that didn’t make it into the magazine:

Socks with heels or boots Oreet: “If you have the kind of [body] type that has short legs or your legs are shorter than your torso, it is a no, no, no because wearing socks makes you look shorter.” Carrie: “No, unless you’re a senior citizen.” Robyne: “I think it can be really cute. A) you need to have the legs, B) not getting medicare.”

Bold eyeshadow Oreet: “If you are the dramatic kind—if you like to get into a room and everyone look at you, it would be great. Also, if you want to show off your eyes.” Carrie: “I love the theatricalness of the idea. For every day, unless you’re Anna Nicole, it’s too much. Leave that for the stage or the club.” Robyne:“That has to be your personality. You need some attitude to pull that off.”

Going out with wet hair Oreet: “No, especially as you grow older.” Carrie: “No, unless it’s an emergency.” Robyne: “As long as you don’t look like it’s beach-wet hair. I’m a big fan of slick it back. If it’s sleek and polished looking, it’s great.”

Tights or panty hose with peep-toes Oreet: “I don’t see a problem with that.”Carrie: “It depends on the seaming.” Robyne: “No, to me we live in South Florida—there are few occasions where you need to wear pantyhose. It kills the gorgeous shoe.”

Tie-dye Oreet: “It’s cute. I don’t see it as a classic. If you’re going outdoors and want to feel happy, that will work.” Carrie: “I don’t hate tie-dye. There are muted ways of wearing it—like a wash. But the rainbow kind—leave that for summer camp.” Robyne: “I quite like it. I don’t love it in a hippie-dippie way, but I think it’s fun.”

Shoulder pads Oreet: “It doesn’t have to be bulky like it was in the ’80s. If it creates balance, it can make the difference between looking gorgeous or just putting something on. If you’re a triangle [shape], you absolutely need to take advantage of it. If you’re a rectangle [shape], your challenge is to create a waist. One method is to enlarge shoulders.” Carrie: “To create structure, a smaller waist. In a jacket, it’s totally appropriate.” Robyne: “They’re actually making a big resurgence, but I don’t know if we’ll ever be in love with those “Dynasty” shoulder pads again. For many people, it’s definitely very flattering because it creates a smaller waist and a great silhouette.”

Floor-sweeping pants Oreet: “I wear it all the time. I love it because of the slimming effect.” Carrie: “It has to just barely touch. At the point where it’s puddling, you probably need to have them hemmed or you’re wearing the wrong shoe.” Robyne: “Love ’em. When they’re wide-legged and with heels, they look elegant—have attitude.”

Matching with your partner, child or friend Oreet: “I don’t see a reason to match because you are an individual. When [you match], it’s not you anymore. You’re missing the point [of style].” Carrie: “No, unless you’re going to a theme party. Coordinating is different. I coordinate with my husband, but we’re not matching like a duet.” Robyne: “Well that’s a scary idea for me unless you’re having a professional group photo. It’s nice to have everyone connect, but matching a husband or child—it’s a little cheesy.”

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