Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Sunny Florida

It can be hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 85 degrees out—OK, we have a few frigid 62-degree days here and there—but why not bring the two together?

While we might not have pine tree-lined street or snowmen on our lawns, we do have plenty of palm trees, starfish and oranges. To get inspiration to incorporate our Florida surroundings into our Christmas decor, we did what everyone does: make a Pinterest board. Here’s our takeaways, and of course our board to share.

Florida Flair

You can decorate your home with traditional holiday trimmings, but why not add some details from the Sunshine State? Don’t restrict yourself to green and red, think of the beauty of Tiffany blue, gold and white ornaments. Add small mandarin oranges and starfish to your garlands, or hang miniature Christmas balls to a friendly pineapple. It’s sure to make any out-of-towner smile.

Do-It-Yourself Crafts

If your local stores aren’t bursting at the brim with Florida-inspired Christmas decor, just do it yourself. Get inspired with tutorials—or crafts so easy a photo is enough—for flamingo tree ornaments, seashell place cards, a flip-flop wreath, and more. If you can’t work your way around a glue gun, there’s always Etsy!

Hello from Florida

We found adorable holiday cards that remind your friends and family that we live in the Sunshine State, from sandmen and flamingos trimming a tree to Lilly Pulitzer-inspired Christmas prints. Remember, we live where they vacation.

Check out our Pinterest board, where we’ve saved ideas to from cocktails and cookies to wreaths and greeting cards.