A Way to Reshape Your Body With Zero Effort? Too Good to Be True?

Are you one of those people who doesn’t have to work at it? You’re naturally thin no matter what you eat? Or you live at the gym to keep that great beach body? That’s amazing! 

Now, for the rest of us…

We want to lose weight all over. Or, we can’t stop staring at that stubborn layer of belly fat, or saddlebags, or cellulite. So we look at all the ads, try to dig through the hype, and maybe even consider trying one of those body-sculpting treatments that burn or melt fat, sometimes with serious side effects. With so many options, it can be overwhelming, it’s expensive, and you wonder—does it even work?  And what about the risks, the side effects, the recovery?  

But now, there’s a new answer: a multi-part smart system straight from Europe and just now available in the USA! It’s called SLIM-UP, by Foggiare. And its whole-body technology means you don’t need to try to make a choice between a dizzying array of treatments.

Developed in Italy, and hugely popular in over 180 locations worldwide, SLIM-UP delivers some of the best beauty and wellness technologies in a program that’s unique to you—a combination that makes the whole program even more effective! On top of that, there’s no recovery time, no pain and no side effects. You can drop in for 60 minutes and get right back to being a better you—the very same day.

So, how does this whole thing work?

The Foggiare Way isn’t just about slimming or sculpting, though their system will do that for you and more! The system is designed to improve your body from the inside out, using the best methods of body-sculpting, electro-muscular stimulation, infrared light therapy, and intensive European presso-therapy. Treatments build muscle, burn calories, slim and sculpt the body, improve skin tone and texture, fight the effects of aging, reduce swelling, relieve pain and more, through programs that are designed to meet your exact needs.

You start at the Station. Using hundreds of key data points about you, SLIM-UP’s breakthrough analysis technology generates a custom program that takes the guesswork out. All of your treatments are pre-programmed and almost entirely automated to ensure optimal, personalized results – free from human error.

One of their coolest treatments—Electrosculpt—works like an intensive workout out at the gym—except that you get you lay down and relax instead. You get a serious workout –  without even breaking a sweat! As a result, your physique improves, and your body is stronger and more efficient at burning fat. And ultimately, you are a healthier version of you.  

See Electrosculpt in action:

Become a fat burning machine.

And when we talk about whole-body wellness, we can’t leave out the lymphatic system. As we age, metabolic wastes accumulate in our tissues resulting in swelling, inflammation, fatigue, weight gain, water-retention, constipation, cellulite, varicose veins, congestion and skin issues. Full-body lymphatic drainage treatments—Presso-therapyhelps to eliminate that waste in our system, leaving you feeling lighter and benefitting your body and skin—all over.

Get your system functioning.

And last but not least—it’s time to indulge and relax  as you are surrounded by warming infrared light and therapeutic steam. The warmth of the infrared penetrates deep into the skin tissue, as steam opens pores for deep-cleansing. Your skin tissue is instantly purified and re-oxygenated, improving skin tone, smoothing the look of cellulite and helping to reverse sun damage. And in terms of wellness – these treatments also help jumpstart metabolism, increase circulation, improve cardiovascular health and stimulate cellular function. Sign me up for an Infrared Steam please!

Ready? Now where and when can you try this out?

Foggiare Wellness Center just opened its second location in the U.S.—right here in Boca Raton! Partnering with the popular Reflexole spa means not only can you go through the SLIM-UP program, you can get an array of relaxing beauty treatments and facials too. Not a bad way to spend an hour or two of your day!

If you’re like us, you work hard, you’re busy, and it’s tough to imagine giving up time for recovery from other sculpting treatments.  We deserve better, and that why we were so excited to discover “The Foggiare Way.”

Experience it for yourself with one of their incredible Grand Opening specials! We can’t believe the prices they are offering right now: they’re practically giving a way a treatment—just $25 for what usually runs for $150! They make it so easy to book online, too. Click to experience the amazing Electrosculpt sculpting system, or a beautifying, cleansing  Infrared Steam or Presso-Therapy treatment.

You can check them out at foggiare.com to learn more about all their custom programs, and you can message them on Facebook. Facebook.com/foggiare

Foggiare Wellness Center, 426 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton; 561/923-9161; foggiare.com

Sponsored post by Foggiare Wellness Center.