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Alex Rodriguez’s Coral Gables residence hits a home run

There’s a lot most people already know about Alexander Rodriguez, considered one of Major League Baseball’s living legends and best recognized for his decade-long run as a New York Yankee. The very mention of “A-Rod” calls to mind remarkable athletic ability, a  magnetic aura, head-turning good looks, relationships with drop-dead gorgeous (and famous) women—not to mention a hugely successful postgame career as a media personality, broadcasting for Fox Sports and later ESPN, appearing as a cast member on “Shark Tank” and hosting his own show, “Back in the Game,” on CNBC.

Alex Rodriguez

Some lesser-known facts about Rodriguez: He’s an avid art aficionado and collector, well-educated about—and attuned to—the field of architecture, the owner of his own building firm, Newport Property Construction and, most importantly, a dedicated dad and loving family man.

Fair to say, A-Rod has it all. Accordingly, when it came to creating his dream home, he needed a place that too would have it all—room for him and his two daughters to live comfortably, an impressive entertainment space to host functions both low-key and grand (many of them for charitable causes), a home office that wouldn’t interfere with his personal life and, most crucially, complete privacy—a refuge to shield him from the spotlight when desired.

Of Dominican descent, Rodriguez grew up in Miami, so it already felt like home to him. He enlisted the sought-after, award-winning architectural firm of Choeff Levy Fischman (CLF), widely known for  creating tropical modern masterpieces for a high-profile clientele. CLF had worked with Rodriguez on his prior house on Biscayne Bay, so when A-Rod went in search of more secluded surroundings, he found the ideal property, a totally private lot on Ponce de Leon Boulevard in Ponce Davis, an exclusive neighborhood between South Miami and Coral Gables, and reassembled the dream team (which also included interior designers Briggs Edward Solomon and,  naturally, Rodriguez’s own Newport Construction).

See photos from Rodrigruez’ home:

“Over the course of these projects, my connection with Alex evolved from a client/architect partnership into a friendship,” says founding principal Ralph Choeff. “He’s a very smart individual, and a lot of his ideas were incorporated into the residence itself.”

Choeff conceived the sprawling home, an approximately 13,000-square-foot structure arranged on a single level (in contrast to the client’s prior two-story residence) to coexist more closely with the ground. “I designed the house, and then my partner Paul Fischman took over, moved things around, and raised it to the level of excellence it now possesses,” says Choeff.

The sleek, low profile embodies the midcentury modern style that both Choeff and Rodriguez adore.

“We wanted to keep it in human scale, so most sliders are just 12 feet, though some areas have a slightly higher profile to bring interest to the exterior elevation,” Choeff says. Of-the-moment materials like ebonized ipe wood and concrete are employed throughout, lending a sophisticated, masculine appeal.

The architects enlisted an innovative, compartmentalized concept in which each space is comprised within its own “pod.” The pods are ingeniously interconnected by a series of pathways and courtyards to promote a sense of unity, so the home’s inhabitants can move about freely without ever having to combat the elements of pouring rain or harsh sun. To further the desirable indoor/outdoor feel, each of the main areas is oriented to open out onto the rear entertainment area, complete with a glasslike swimming pool, swanky lanai and open-air game room.

“Every room is placed with purpose,” remarks Choeff.

For the celebrity former pro-baseball star longing for a home that affords him privacy and a comfortable yet luxurious locale to enjoy special time with friends and family, Choeff and his team have clearly scored a home run.

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